Sextortion In India 2023: Tips to Remember in Case of a Sextortion Scam

Tier three Rajasthan and Haryana towns like Mewat, Bharatpur, and Alwar are undergoing a horrifying transformation. School-dropout teenagers and their illiterate but brilliant minds commit various acts of sextortion in India.

Their schemes have affected police officers, legislators, businessmen, and doctors. With over a thousand sextortion incidents reported every day, India is the world’s sextortion capital.

Evolution of Sextortion in India

The first known instances of sextortion in India occurred in 2006 when a female journalist who lived in a studio apartment in a typical Mumbai neighbourhood and was accustomed to online chatting was the target of a spear-phishing attack.

A malicious program called the video keylogger virus was then installed on the victim’s laptop. Therefore, everything she typed was saved on her laptop’s hard drive and sent via email to the cybercriminal. 

All of the photographs from her WebCam were inadvertently transmitted after being accidentally turned on. The precisely compiled recordings and data were used to blackmail the unsuspecting victim. Following her suicide attempt, the girl received counseling.

In the period from 2006 to 2023, Sextortion in India has taken 3 major forms.

First-generation Sextortion in India:

These crimes, which primarily targeted women, were carried out by ex-lovers who threatened to release their personal photos as “revenge porn.” There were rudimentary recording techniques used.

Second-generation Sextortion in India:

It involved male con artists creating false profiles of attractive women and using voice modification software to convert male speech into a female voice during calls.

A honey trap was set up by sexting through WhatsApp and making subsequent naked video calls to the victims.

Bank accounts created with forged documentation, or “money mule accounts,” were used to demand ransom. Programs for screen recording, video editing, and morphing also debuted around this time.

Third-Generation Sextortion in India:

At this point, male extortionists started to train and employ alluring women as their lures. This revolutionary finding led to sextortion evolving into a form of organised crime.

Money mule bank accounts were replaced by cryptocurrency wallets because they provided greater levels of secrecy and impunity.

Tips To Remember If You Are a Victim of Sextortion In India

  • First and foremost, don’t be too hard on yourself. The attraction to sexual activity is a natural driving force in living beings. But the world is not fair and just; there are those who seek to profit from people’s private lives.
  • You must now accept that you are in a shambles and that things have been done that cannot be undone. As a result, prepare to fight it rather than becoming a victim. The video is not the scammers’ lethal weapon; it is your fear.
  • Don’t pray to scammers because they won’t listen. They have no moral obligation to listen to your prayers.
  • Don’t give in to their demands. Once you start giving them money, scammers will continue to ask for it. Many incidents have been reported in which the demand began at Rs 10,000 and people ended up giving more than ten lakh rupees.
  • Try to bargain and make time for yourself so that you can seek assistance from the police or your loved ones.
  • Never try to solve such problems on your own. Always tell someone you trust; you may be scolded, but being scolded is far preferable to being blackmailed. People understand such things because these crimes are on the rise.
  • Inform your parents or a friend and file an FIR immediately. If you tell people on social media that someone is blackmailing you, you can report the account on those platforms as well.


Sextortion in India must be thoroughly investigated and studied. So that the courts can enact a specific law covering all aspects and forms of this specific crime and severely punishing those who commit it. Victimization of people must be avoided.

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