Zelda TOTK Champions Leathers: How To Get & Upgrade It

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In the realm of Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), the allure of the Champions Leathers armor piece beckons. This iconic tunic, as showcased in the game’s trailer, boasts a unique distinction – it bears the mark of Princess Zelda herself.

Positioned as the crowning jewel of Hyrule Kingdom’s armaments, the Champions Leathers stand tall as the ultimate armor to be obtained.

For those embarking on the quest to secure this coveted attire, we are your guiding light. Within this article, we unveil the secrets behind attaining and elevating the Champions Leathers in TotK.

Securing And Elevating Champions Leathers Tunic In Zelda TOTK (Location)

Embarking on the journey to acquire the revered Champions Leathers within Tears of the Kingdom demands the completion of a formidable undertaking – the A New Champion’s Tunic side quest.

To embark upon this quest, pilgrims must venture into the enigmatic enclave known as Zelda’s Secret Well, where the pages of destiny beckon.

(Coordinates of the well: 3301 -2300 0125) To ensure your navigation through this intricate journey, follow the illuminated path below.

  • Preliminary Steps: Your quest ignites behind the walls of Link’s haven, the Hateno Village. Concealed within the confines of the village lies Zelda’s Secret Well, your gateway to unraveling the mysteries. (Well coordinates: 3301 -2300 0125)
  • Entrancing Revelation: Venture into the well’s heart and delve into the chronicles of Zelda’s diary, an enchanted manuscript that unfurls the tapestry of the A New Champion’s Tunic side quest.
  • Soaring Ascension: Embark on an ascent to the heavens, where the eminent Hyrule Castle graces the celestial expanse. (Coordinates: -0253 0872 0324) Glimpse the world below as you grace the skies, allowing your journey to unfurl from the vantage of Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Herein, the cultivation of Link’s Stamina stands as a prerequisite.
  • Sanctified Passage: The monumental gates of Hyrule Castle 1F invite your passage. Cross the threshold and traverse towards the Sanctum, wherein echoes of destiny beckon.
  • Throne of Destiny: Ascend the hallowed stairs, your steps resonating with purpose, to stand in the presence of the Throne itself.
  • Igniting the Path: Amidst the ethereal ambiance, two braziers await, craving the touch of flame. Kindle their yearning embrace with the fervor of a fire item, such as the revered Fire Fruit.
  • Unveiling the Jewel: The culmination of your efforts yields a treasure chest, harboring the coveted prize – the Champions Leathers Tunic.

Armed with the Champions Leathers Tunic, your journey unfolds anew, as we venture into the realm of its enhancement.

The Materials Required For Champions Leathers Enhancement

The narrative of the Champions Leathers doesn’t end with its acquisition. The journey of enhancement unfurls, leading you to ascend the ladder of power.

This metamorphosis occurs through a meticulous process, one that beckons the utilization of specific materials. Behold the materials list below, unveiled through the guidance of TamuraAkemi on Reddit.

Materials Required for Upgrade:

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
3x Silent Princess3x Silent Princess5x Silent Princess10x Silent Princess
2x Light Dragons Scale2x Light Dragons Talon2x Light Dragons Fang2x Light Dragons Horn
10x Sundelion15x Sundelion20x Sundelion

As you traverse the path of enhancement, these materials will guide your journey, sculpting the Champions Leathers into an artifact of unparalleled might.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, The saga of the Champions Leathers within Tears of the Kingdom paints a vivid tapestry of acquisition and empowerment. Embarking on the quest to attain this illustrious tunic requires traversing the labyrinthine landscape of Zelda’s Secret Well and the grandeur of Hyrule Castle.

In tandem with acquisition, the journey of enhancement introduces a symphony of materials, their fusion heralding the rise of the Champions Leathers to unprecedented heights. May this guide serve as your compass, steering you towards the zenith of TotK mastery.