How To Defeat Ganondorf In Zelda TOTK (Demon King & Dragon)

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Ganondorf, a recurring antagonist in the Zelda series, takes center stage as the primary adversary in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).

Your journey to victory requires overcoming his formidable challenges, transcending his cunning abilities, and conquering each phase of his menacing presence.

Unlike previous Zelda titles, this battle demands finesse, strategy, and an understanding of Ganondorf’s diverse tactics. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to emerge victorious in this ultimate showdown.

What Is Ganondorf Phases And Strategies

To secure triumph over Ganondorf, one must defeat three distinct forms that he adopts during the battle. While a powerful arsenal is at your disposal, consider wielding the Master Sword alongside the Silver Lynel Horn for an enhanced edge.

The fusion of these items not only maximizes your potential but also ensures the Master Sword’s enduring might. Below, unravel the intricacies of each phase, comprehend his moves, and equip yourself with effective counters.

Confronting Demon King Ganondorf

Phase 1: Sword, Club, or Spear

Sword Attacks

Horizontal Sword Slash: Ganondorf launches a sweeping slash. Counter with a timely Flurry Rush. Observe his shoulder movement and backflip before his strike for a successful evasion. Alternatively, shield his attack if your timing falters.

Vertical Sword Slash: Expect a downward slash. Sideways jumps aid in executing a Flurry Rush, although guarding is advisable due to its high damage potential.

Charged Sword Spin: Ganondorf performs a charged spin, leaving gloom on the ground. Stand close to him, within his attack range, then backflip just as he initiates the move. Mastering the timing is vital to ensure a successful Flurry Rush.

Club Attacks

Club Smack: Ganondorf pounds the ground, releasing three gloom projectiles. Position yourself between the projectiles to evade them effectively.

Jump Attack: Following the club smack, Ganondorf leaps to strike. Sidestep as his legs align with Link’s face height to trigger a Flurry Rush.

Club Strike: Sidestep to counter Ganondorf’s horizontal club swing, enabling a Flurry Rush.

AoE Ground Gloom: Ganondorf elevates his club, generating an updraft. Utilize your glider for evasion. Employ Lynel Bow with Bomb arrows for substantial damage.

Spear Attacks

Lunge Attack: Ganondorf lunges with his spear. Sidestep to the right just before his thrust for a straightforward Flurry Rush.

Spear Charge: A swift dash accompanied by a trail of gloom. Sidestep similarly to the lunge attack to counter effectively.

The Master Of The Secret Stone

Phase 2: Clones and Sages

In this phase, Ganondorf deploys his known moves from the previous phase, alongside the introduction of clones. Engage in a 6v6 battle, where 5 Ganondorf Clones face off against 5 recruited Sages.

First Phase Tactics

Strategically distance yourself from Clone Ganondorfs, isolating the main adversary. Avoid locking onto clones, ensuring focus remains on Ganondorf himself. Maintaining this distinction is critical to avert unwarranted damage.

Second Phase Adaptations

Shift to a 1v1 with Link and Ganondorf. Expect familiar attacks alongside new challenges. Ganondorf now anticipates Flurry Rush attempts, demanding two consecutive successful executions. Brace yourself for the following additions:

Homing Gloom Projectiles: Dodge the launched projectiles while evading Ganondorf’s Spear Charge.

Gloom Waves: Sidestep to maneuver through the waves of gloom, avoiding damage.

Gloom in a Circle: Navigate the closing circle of gloom, ensuring safe passage to the gaps.

Gloom Arrows: As Ganondorf fires Gloom arrows, sidestep to evade. Avoid guarding, as prolonged shielding could result in your shield’s demise.

Subsequent to these Gloom attacks, anticipate Sword or Club moves.

Confronting Ganondorf Demon King

Phase 3: Gloom Fireballs and Victory

The final phase presents a relatively less daunting challenge, focusing on combating Gloom Fireballs exhaled by the Demon Dragon. Exercise caution and avoid treading on the Demon Dragon’s body to evade gloom damage.

Unveiling Weaknesses

Begin atop the Light Dragon’s head. Descend onto the exposed eyes within openings on the Demon Dragon’s body. Repeatedly strike these vulnerabilities to weaken Ganondorf’s hold.

Triumph of Light

Transition to the Light Dragon, capitalizing on moments when both dragons align. Move to the subsequent openings on the Demon Dragon’s body. Four weaknesses await your decisive blows.

The Culmination

Target the Demon Dragon’s head, a focal point of his power. Unleash your assault on his secret stone, securing a triumphant victory over Ganondorf.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of defeating Ganondorf in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom marks the pinnacle of your journey. While the primary quest reaches its conclusion, myriad opportunities and endeavors beckon. Embrace the unexplored facets of the game, solidifying your legacy as a valiant hero.

In the realm of TOTK, Ganondorf’s defeat signifies not only a personal triumph but a testament to your strategic prowess and unwavering determination. Equip this knowledge, rise above the challenges, and etch your name into the annals of Zelda history.