Valorant Update Accidentally Deletes Agent Voice Lines Gameplay Feature

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Valorant highly anticipated seventh episode release encountered a significant setback mere hours after its launch. Players quickly discovered that all agent voice lines were mysteriously absent from matchmade games.

This unexpected development not only affects the agents vocal cues but also impacts the announcer’s lines as a result, players are eagerly awaiting a prompt resolution to this disconcerting issue.

Valorant Update Accidentally Deletes Agent Voice Lines Gameplay Feature

Agent lines play a vital role in valorant gameplay, providing crucial information about the usage of enemy ultimates. Similarly, the announcer alerts gamers when the bomb is planted or defused, serving as a vital auditory cue.

However, in the current state of valorant, an unsettling silence prevails. Numerous players voiced their concerns about the eerie absence of voice lines in various Reddit threads on June 27, and they continue to await an official response from Riot Games.

Following Episode 7 release, Valorant underwent scheduled maintenance for a few hours. Given the significance of voice lines in gameplay, it is possible that the Riot developers may temporarily shut down the game again to rectify the issue.

In fairness to riot, This season introduced several exciting features for avid valorant players. The introduction of the enigmatic agent deadlock, along with her unique set of abilities, has captured the attention of the community.

Additionally, Riot implemented a new progression system, revamped the daily mission structure, and introduced a thrilling Team Deathmatch mode. Undoubtedly, it has been a busy period for the developers, and a few bugs may have slipped through the cracks.

While awaiting a resolution, players may need to confine their gaming experience to the Team Deathmatch mode before venturing into competitive matches. Optimistically, the voice line issue affecting agents and the announcer will be promptly patched.

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