Valorant China Release Date – Finally Valorant Coming To China

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Riot Games has set the official valorant china release date, Bringing a highly anticipated in-game feature to eager players.

Valorant, the globally released first-person shooter game in 2020, Has achieved immense popularity worldwide. It has earned the status of a tier-one esports title, Hosting tournaments across the globe with substantial prize pools at stake.

Although the game saw a global release in 2020, It was not until december 2022 that tencent, The parent company of riot games, Received approval to valorant china launch date.

Just days before the New Year, Valorant was included among the 40-plus foreign titles approved for release in 2023 by the Chinese government’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA).

In february, Bloomberg reported that valorant was scheduled for a summer launch in china. Additionally, Tencent subsidiary TJ Sports initiated discussions with players and organizations in China to establish a valorant league within the country.

After months of anticipation, Riot games finally revealed more details about the launch of valorant in china during a momentous event held in shanghai.

Valorant China Release Date: July 12, 2023

At the shanghai event, Riot officially announced that valorant would be released in china on july 12, 2023.

Prominent figures from riot games, Including john needham, President of esports, Whalen rozelle, The COO of Esports, and Anna Donlon, the SVP and executive producer of valorant, Graced the occasion with their presence.

John Needham took the stage towards the end of the event, right before unveiling the official launch date for the Chinese server.

Initially, Valorant will be introduced in china with 16 agents and four maps. Additionally, Chinese players will enjoy exclusive access to the Tai Chi Fan melee weapon and a built-in recording tool. This long-awaited feature has been eagerly requested by players worldwide.

The announcement of valorant’s launch in china coincides with the excitement surrounding the game’s first official offline event in the country.

From july 3-16, Shanghai will witness intense competition as the top 12 teams in china battle it out in the chinese qualifier for valorant champions 2023. This tournament will culminate in the season-ending event, which is scheduled to take place in los sngeles.

The recent VCT masters tokyo event demonstrated that chinese teams possess the skills required to challenge and defeat the best teams in the world.

EDward gaming (EDG) shattered china’s winless streak at international events and secured a commendable 5th-6th place, surpassing NAVI, T1, and the reigning valorant world champions, LOUD.

Zheng ‘ZmjjKK‘ Yongkang emerged as one of the game’s most promising young talents, accumulating a tournament-high of 103 Operator kills, more than triple the count of the next-closest player.

Rozelle announced that china would be integrated into the valorant champions tour (VCT). Further details regarding this integration and the upcoming valorant league in china will be unveiled during the tencent global esports summit 2023 scheduled for July 14-15.

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