Sentinels vs Moist x Shopify: Valorant Showdown Coming Up

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It’s been 91 long days since Sentinels graced the valorant stage. While they’ve been practicing relentlessly behind the scenes, the anticipation for their return to official action is mounting but what’s even more exciting is that a valorant showdown is on the horizon.

This time, it’s not just about proving their skills but also about defending their honor, with Tarik and Ludwig at the forefront.

Sentinels vs. Moist x Shopify – Eagerly Awaited Showdown:

Sentinels and Moist x Shopify, two powerhouse teams, have undergone significant transformations in recent times. Moist x Shopify now boasts a mixed roster, combining talents from both merged teams.

Sentinels, on the other hand, have been steadily building their strength, creating buzz about their revamped lineup for months. It’s about time we witness these transformations in action.

Sentinels vs. Moist x Shopify Showdown Confirmed

In an unexpected turn of events, Ludwig accidentally let the cat out of the bag during one of his streams. He unintentionally leaked that a showdown between Sentinels and Moist x Shopify is set to grace our screens before the end of October.

While the slip-up might have left him feeling a bit embarrassed, he didn’t shy away from making light of the situation.

This will mark Sentinels’ first official match in over three months and Moist x Shopify’s second match post-merger. Here’s everything you need to know about this thrilling encounter.

Sentinels vs. Moist x Shopify Rebellion: Match Details, Date & Format

Now that it’s officially confirmed, let’s dive into the details so you can stay up-to-date on this highly anticipated event.

Sentinels vs. Moist x Shopify Rebellion Showdown Format

The format for this showdown will differ from Moist x Shopify’s first match against C9. This time, it’s a Best of 3 (Bo3) series, with a noteworthy prize pool up for grabs.

The prize money is generously provided by none other than Ludwig and Sentinels CEO Rob Moore, and it amounts to an impressive $5,000.

Where to Tune In: Sentinels vs. Moist x Shopify Rebellion

Mark your calendars for october 23rd, as the showdown will be broadcast live on Tarik’s Twitch channel. It’s likely to be a lively watch party, with both Tarik and Ludwig providing their own brand of humor during the stream.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can attend the offline event and even snag a chance to meet and greet the players, including TenZ.

This won’t be Sentinels’ final appearance this year, as they’ve also secured an invitation to the AfreecaTV Valorant League, which kicks off on December 5th.

This league promises another thrilling offline event, where Sentinels will have another opportunity to showcase their prowess.

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