How to Hack My Girlfriend’s Phone without Touching Her Phone

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Getting cheated on is terrible. However, as beautiful as it may sound, a relationship is something that may be both rewarding and saddening. Not all relationships went well, and for those unfortunate who experienced hardships, there was a time when they wanted to search for, “How can I hack my girlfriend’s phone?”

First of all, hacking someone’s phone may not be as hard as you might think. And the reason why it’s possible is because of the technological development. Nowadays, you can find lots of options to hack somebody, from using the default features carried by your device’s system, or simply depending on spy apps.

In this article, we want to share a few things you should know to start hacking your cheating girlfriend. Let us uncover what she hides.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Before we go deeper into how to hack girlfriend’s phone, let us understand what’s the reason why you accused her of cheating. Some clear signs may appear to be too noticeable. All of a sudden you feel like she’s not the person you know. There’s something different in her.

The changes in her behavior may start appearing without her noticing, and you could see the clear signs, such as:

  • She doesn’t want to spend much of her time with you anymore;
  • She rarely uploads pictures related to you;
  • She often clears her browsing history, which could be a potential sign of cheating as she’s trying to erase any trace of previously used websites she used to communicate with someone;
  • She suddenly changes her style, without any apparent reason;
  • She likes to go out a lot, without you;
  • She doesn’t respond to your messages anymore;
  • She tends to hide her phone if you’re around;
  • She suddenly shows a sign of hatred toward you, which is self-mirroring;

If the signs are pretty clear, then it’s probably the best time to finally try some methods to hack girlfriend’s iPhone. Don’t worry, we have the most effective one here:

mSpy for Catching a Cheating Girlfriend

For those asking, “How to hack my girlfriend’s phone?” it’s always better to use spy apps as they have simplified any hardships for you. So, only with the proper installation you can get all the potential benefits like record a phone call on iphone without person knowing and much more.

And talking about the best tool to hack girlfriends phone, we highly recommend using mSpy, which is known to be one of the tops in the market. This premium spy app can deliver anything you need, including:

  • GPS-tracking – a feature that’s useful to know your girlfriend’s location. So wherever she may be, you can always do a fact check right away.
  • App blocking – This feature will highly limit the potential use of any suspicious apps that are mainly used for cheating.
  • Keyword alerts – When she types the words you want to detect, the system will give you an alert immediately.
  • Call monitoring – Cheating individuals are not only using chat apps to communicate with each other. They would often make calls. Thanks to this feature, you may know who she called, including the contact info.
  • Chat monitoring – The most useful feature is checking the messages and chatting apps. You can not only hack girlfriend’s text messages but also media files.

So if you’re ever in need of a tool you can use for spying on a girlfriend, mSpy is the one to try.

What Else to Try?

Aside from trying the spy apps to hack partner’s phone, there are some other things you can do as well, such as:

  • Using hackers’s services to directly hack your girlfriend’s phone;
  • Check on her social media;
  • Get access to her phone when she’s not looking;
  • Install a keylogger on her device (a feature that’s already included in some premium spy apps).


And that’s the article on how to hack girlfriend’s phone, hopefully, it can be proven beneficial for you. Gone are the days of the complex hacking methods. Now, you can simply depend on mSpy to know anything inside your girlfriend’s phone.

Find anything strange in her browsing history, calls, messages, and social media. Take a screenshot when you find any signs of cheating you may use to confront her later on.

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