Game gold, its role, methods of extraction and purchase

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Each game project, whether it’s an MMO RPG or a single player, sets its main currency, which, according to the developers’ idea, should become a tool for interaction between players and NPCs.

If everything is clear with a single player and often the player’s pockets are literally bursting with gold by the middle or the end of the game, depending on the passion for the collection process, then everything is more complicated in MMO RPGs.

Gamers are initially placed in a situation of the importance of gold and its scarcity, so that each player builds his own strategy for obtaining gold and thus determines the degree of well-being of the character and his own comfort in the game world.

Each gamer decides for himself how to farm gold and get all the most necessary equipment for his hero, but there are several main ways:

  1. Farm and grind – cleaning up locations, selling resources.
  2. Buying from players and services like Skycoach – there are nuances and risks, but this is the easiest way in terms of strengthening the hero.
  3. Completion of quests and tasks – payments for completion are usually fixed, but stable, especially for support classes, with limited damage.
  4. Trade – the sale and resale of resources and other valuables for the enrichment and investment of gold in equipment and weapons.

Farm and grind

A fairly simple technique – you abandon the quest system and simply go to a location that suits your level and start clearing monsters in whole groups until you outgrow them and leave the territory in search of new places to hunt.

The advantage of this tactic is the generation of resources that can be sold or used in crafting for yourself or other players for gold. Sometimes some valuable item like a weapon can lead and fall out, and even if it does not suit your class, it can always be sold to another player through the market, or the commission trading system.

Buying gold from players

Quite a risky event, since gold is always sold for real money due to the impossibility of redemption in another way, and it is often very difficult, or almost impossible, to check the seller for honesty.

Trading gold is a forbidden activity, so everyone uses secondary characters and the chance of getting cheated by a one-day character is not just big, it is huge.

The second danger is that you cannot check the quality of the gold.

The fact is that the main currency of your project can be obtained not only honestly – through grind and quests, but also illegally, for example, when using a bot program, which, unlike macros, fully imitates the player’s actions and if such a bot is banned, then they can confiscate any gold, down to the player who bought it unknowingly.

Another option is that the gold was stolen when the account was hacked and hastily sold, and when the game administration reaches the last player who received the stolen gold, they can not only confiscate it, but also impose penalties on all involved persons, so be careful.

It is better to act on the principle of acquaintances and fellow guilds, but you need to remember that no one is responsible for their actions, and the game administration will not even consider complaints related to the purchase and sale of gold for real money.

Buying gold from professional services

Buying gold from services that specialize in helping players in many online games, as Skycoach does, is comparable to buying in an online store, when the seller guarantees the anonymity and quality of the goods sold, because they value their image and honest name, which has been developed over the years.

Any deception is immediately minus the reputation, so the services are interested not only in the quality of the gold itself, but also in the anonymity of the delivery and even in compensating the client for all costs if he has problems with the game administration.

Services use various methods to mask the deal, since the administration cannot prohibit players from transferring gold in principle – after all, there are friends, loans and other quite normal and honest gaming practices, and the task of a good service is to complete the deal so that everything looks plausible to the administration.

Also, for the quality of gold, the Skycoach service uses personal grinders – professional players who farm gold in an honest way for subsequent sale.

There are several ways to submit an order:

  • Through an exchange between players is a frequent way, the main thing is that during the transfer process the exchange should not be one-sided and then the risk of receiving penalties is much less.
  • Through paid and free mail – in many MMO projects, the mail system is implemented. Free for a simple transfer of something, and paid for the redemption to receive the goods. Skycoach can use any of the methods, but more often just buys back the sent goods.
  • Through the auction system, or commission trading – the safest method, since the administration does not regulate prices at all and the principle of buying out lots, even if it was done at an absolutely unfair price. There is always a mistake factor, or an attempt to deceive other players through the manipulation of prices and quantities, and the administration does not punish gamers for inattention – these are their personal problems.


The Skycoach service not only provides you with all the necessary security measures, but also provides all the accompanying guarantees for its services.

The fact is that no one can provide you with 100% security, that the transaction will take place absolutely without problems and interference from the game administration, but the task of any service, like Skycoach, is to provide you with 99% success and close that 1% if it works.

If your gold is confiscated, the service will reimburse it.

If there are problems with the character, then you will be advised how to correctly form a letter to technical support to resolve the situation with a high percentage of the probability of solving the problem in your favor and, of course, compensate for all costs and moral damage.

The probability of such an outcome is so small that Skycoach is ready for such risks, and dishonest sellers remain the biggest danger for players, from which it is better to protect yourself with the help of professional services.


You can buy gold from ordinary players, but you must be sure of its reliability and the quality of the commodity itself and that there are no consequences due to the wrong transfer of gold.

You should not be afraid of the consequences when working with the service, because in the event of any problems, the service will compensate for all costs and moral damage.

The service has professional grinders who mine gold 24/7 and hold this currency for a couple of days before putting it up for sale.

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