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Valorant players are no strangers to frustrations, and there are two things that top their list: duelist insta-lockers and error codes. While we can’t do much about the former, let’s dive into solutions to tackle the latest ERROR CODE 58.

What Is Valorant Error Code 58

You’ve likely encountered your fair share of perplexing error codes, but Valorant Error Code 58’s origin might surprise you. This enigmatic error stems from an issue known as “RSOValidationFailure.”

To break it down, RSO stands for Riot Sign On, a crucial component for API requests related to logins. If you’ve been using third-party software to access your account, this is where things can go awry.

RSO serves as a secure access request, ensuring your login is protected. It allows you to use services like Apple or Google without divulging your Riot Account password. Now that we’ve deciphered the code, let’s explore how to resolve it.

How To Resolve Valorant Error Code 58

Let’s get straight to the solution that’s likely to work most efficiently: attempt to log in without any third-party software. Instead, input your Username and Password directly into the Riot Client. If you’ve been relying on Apple or Google for login due to forgotten credentials, go ahead and reset your password.

Chances are, the game will grant you access when you use their authentication service. To reset your password, click on the “Reset Password” option located below the login fields, follow the instructions, and await an email from Riot for the password change process.

If this approach doesn’t solve the problem, or you can’t execute it, here are alternative solutions to consider:

1. Restart Your Riot Client

In the world of software troubleshooting, a simple restart is often the magic fix. In this case, completely restart the Riot Client by ending all Riot-related processes within the task manager.

Then, relaunch the game. You can also opt for a system restart if you prefer a quick solution. Alternatively, open the task manager, identify all Riot processes, right-click on them, and select “End Process.”

2. Check for Riot Server Status

Though a rare occurrence, Riot Servers can be the culprit behind various Error Codes, including Code 58. If the servers are down, there’s not much you can do except wait for them to come back online.

3. Reinstall Valorant

When none of the aforementioned solutions seem to work, including the login method, it might be time to consider a full reinstallation of Valorant.

This step is crucial if some game files are corrupt or faulty. For a comprehensive guide on uninstalling and reinstalling Valorant, refer to our article on “How To Uninstall Valorant.”

4. Contact Riot Support

If even a complete reinstallation doesn’t resolve the issue, something unusual may be affecting your game. In such cases, Riot Support is your best avenue for assistance. To reach out to Riot Support, visit the Valorant Support Hub and explain your situation.

Their support team typically responds via email within 24-48 hours and can likely pinpoint the solution for this perplexing error.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Valorant Error Code 58, rooted in RSOValidationFailure, can be a vexing issue for players. However, by following these troubleshooting steps, you can increase your chances of returning to your gaming adventures without interruption.

Remember, persistence pays off, and with the right approach, you’ll conquer Error Code 58 and continue your Immortal grind in Valorant.

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