Best Zelda TotK Amber Farming Locations (Farm Guide)

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We have meticulously curated a comprehensive compilation of specific regions, geological formations, and even potential adversaries, all of which contribute to the acquisition of best Zelda TotK Amber Farming Locations.

Farming and selling minerals like Amber to Ramella stands as the ultimate method for amassing Rupees rapidly in the realm of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Although not excessively rare, the pursuit of tracking down, extracting, and cultivating Amber within TotK can present a formidable challenge due to its scattered presence across numerous locations.

What Is The Finest Amber Farming Locations In Zelda TotK

Within the expansive expanse of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, three distinct avenues have emerged as the primary conduits for Amber acquisition: the elusive Rare Stone Talus, Mineral Deposits, and Chests.

While Chests offer an element of unpredictability, it is noteworthy that the Treasure Chests within Ukouh Shrine (0275, -0913, 1474) and Kikakin Shrine (-0396, 2736, 0302) steadfastly dispense Amber, constituting fixed sources within TotK.

Directing our attention towards Mineral Deposits, these precious resources are notably concealed within various Caves and Wells scattered across the terrain. Below, we present a selection of these sites for your consideration:

Where Is Mineral Deposits And Chests For Amber Harvesting In Zelda TotK

To facilitate your quest for Amber within TotK, it is highly recommended to configure your Sensor+ tool for streamlined tracking efficiency.

  • South of Tal Tal Peak (4167, 0058, 0332)
  • Marblod Plain (2814, -2244, 0109)
  • Pico Pond (1157, 1141, 0020)
  • North of Farosh Hills (0565, -2383, 0096)
  • Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (0284, -3851, 0034)
  • South of Windvane Meadow (-0604, -0886, 0043)

Best Locations For Rare Stone Talus Encounters

In the sprawling landscape of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, an assortment of Talus creatures awaits discovery, ranging from battle-ready variations to frost-infused and fiery Igneo variants.

Among these diversities, the coveted Rare Stone Talus emerges as a noteworthy rarity. Embark on this comprehensive guide to successfully hunt down the Surface Rare Stone Talus, consequently amassing a substantial quantity of Amber within TotK.

  • Guchini Pain (1020, -3379, 0023)
  • Tanagar Canyon (-3491, 0171, -0105)
  • North of Gerudo Canyon (-2306, -2453, 0358)
  • North of Mount Drena (-0394, 2956, 0148)
  • West of Horse God Bridge (0524, -3710, 0060)
  • North Akkala Beach (4678, 2998, 0003)
  • East of Taafei Hill (-2600, -1782, 0178)

Final Thoughts

Although a multitude of promising locations to harvest Amber exists within the realm of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the aforementioned selections stand out as the crème de la crème.

Take the initiative to thoroughly explore each set of coordinates and triumph over the designated Rare Stone Talus encounters, thus amassing an impressive cache of Amber to be exchanged for valuable Rupees.

By embracing this strategic approach, you are poised to ascend as a masterful Amber farmer within TotK’s enchanting domain.