All 4 Gerudo Stelae Locations In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom ( Easy Guide)

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Embarking on a journey through Zelda Tears of the Kingdom unveils an intriguing quest known as the “Heroine’s Secret,” which requires you to uncover the concealed sites of 4 Gerudo Stelae Locations.

These enigmatic artifacts are integral to progressing in the game and can be found within the confines of Gerudo Town’s emergency shelter.

Among the residents of this hidden sanctuary, you’ll encounter Rotana, who entrusts you with the task of photographing these ancient relics. Below, we unveil the comprehensive guide to locating all 4 Gerudo Stelae in Tears of the Kingdom.

Gerudo Stelae Locations

To embark on this captivating mission, ensure that you’ve unlocked the camera function. Furthermore, each Stelae requires specific conditions to be met for successful capture.

Simplifying the endeavor, we provide you with precise coordinates for every Gerudo location within TOTK, along with the strategies to capture their essence.

Gerudo Stelae 1: Unearthing the Beginning

Coordinates: (-3892, -2994, 0032)

The first Stelae is nestled within a spacious chamber adjacent to Rotana. As you step into the room, veer to your left, where a pile of rubble awaits. Employ a sturdy hammer to clear away the obstructing debris, revealing the inaugural Stelae in all its glory.

Gerudo Stelae 2: Cracking the Code

Coordinates: (-3887, -2928, 0034)

The second Stelae poses a more intricate challenge. Concealed amidst a room adorned with an assortment of jars, your attention should be drawn to a conspicuous opening nestled behind a collection of pristine white jars.

Shatter these jars to gain access to a hidden passage, leading you to an adjacent chamber. Activate your Ascend ability, allowing you to ascend to the upper level where the second Stelae resides.

Gerudo Stelae 3: Embracing the Revelation

Coordinates: (-3849, -2943, 0029)

While the third Stelae lies within reach from Rotana’s location, it remains shrouded in mystery and disrepair. Upon reaching the designated coordinates, a layer of dust obscures its grandeur.

Employ the power of a Guster to disperse the lingering dust and reveal the Stelae’s true form. Then, harness the capabilities of the Ultrahand ability to mend its fractured state, enabling you to immortalize its essence through your lens.

Gerudo Stelae 4: Overcoming the Dawn’s Barrier

Coordinates: (-3854, -2982, 0032)

The fourth Stelae is readily accessible, yet an early attempt at entry might face denial. Should this be the case, a return visit post the morning lessons for the young will grant you access.

Once within the classroom’s confines, position yourself according to the provided coordinates and skillfully align your camera with the Stelae’s presence, allowing for an impeccable capture.

Having successfully captured all the elusive images, your journey comes full circle as you return to Rotana, thereby completing the Heroine’s Secret quest.

We trust that this meticulously curated location guide empowers you to locate and immortalize all 4 Stelae within the expansive realm of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.