Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: White Sword Of The Sky Guide

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If you’re a dedicated adventurer in Tears of the Kingdom, eager to wield the powerful White Sword of the Sky without relying on an Amiibo, you’re in for an exciting quest.

This one-handed sword is renowned as one of the best weapons at Link’s disposal, boasting a formidable base durability of 45 and an impressive attack rating of 24.

Although it might take some effort to unlock, the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. So let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to obtaining the White Sword of the Sky without using an Amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where To Find The White Sword Of The Sky In Zelda TotK?

To obtain the White Sword of the Sky without the use of an Amiibo, you must embark on the Mother Goddess Statue quest. Follow these steps to unlock this powerful weapon:

Step 1: Encounter The Toppled Mother Goddess

Start your journey by heading to the Forgotten Temple, situated on the slightly northwest side of the map (Coordinates: -1429 2253 -0039). Within the temple, you’ll come across the Toppled Mother Goddess Statue.

Step 2: Seek The Goddess Statues Of Courage, Wisdom, and Power

After interacting with the Toppled Mother Goddess Statue, proceed to the Spring of Power, located at 3757 2675 0002. Here, you’ll find the Goddess Statue of Power. Present the Statue of Power with a Dinraal Dragon Claw.

Next, venture to the Spring of Wisdom, found at 3915 -1330 0465. Here, you’ll find the Goddess Statue of Wisdom. Offer the Statue of Wisdom a Naydra Dragon Claw.

Lastly, make your way to the Spring of Courage, situated at 0878 -2387 0018. This is where you’ll find the Goddess Statue of Courage. Provide the Statue of Courage with a Farosh Dragon Claw.

Step 3: Return To The Toppled Mother Goddess Statue

Once you’ve completed all three statue interactions and fulfilled their requests, return to the Toppled Mother Goddess Statue at the Forgotten Temple. Here, you must offer a prayer to unlock the White Sword of the Sky.

With your devotion and determination, the White Sword of the Sky will be granted to you, becoming a valuable addition to your arsenal in Tears of the Kingdom.

For those who seek more information about the Dragons’ whereabouts and how to interact with them, we have prepared a comprehensive Dragon Locations guide to assist you in your epic journey.

Embark on this remarkable quest and wield the legendary White Sword of the Sky, proving yourself as a true hero in Tears of the Kingdom. May your adventures be filled with triumph and valor.