Zelda TOTK Honey Bee Mine Quest Guide – Easy Guide

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The Tears of the Kingdom game offers an array of engaging quests, and one such quest is the honey bee mine quest guide in zelda totk. This quest is essential as it allows you to serenade Cotera Fairy and obtain an armor upgrade from the Great Fairies.

While the task isn’t too lengthy, the order of the quests can be a little confusing. Fear not, as I’ll guide you through the steps to easily complete the “Honey Bee Mine” quest in TOTK.

How To Obtain Honey Bee Mine Quest

The Honey Bee Mine quest is given by a drummer named Beetz, whom you can find across Kakariko near the coordinates (2114, -1375, 0105). However, before embarking on this quest, you need to complete the “Lucky Clover Gazette” quest and then serenade the Great Fairy Tera.

Tera will reveal the locations of the other three fairies, including Cotera, who is to be serenaded by the drummer Beetz. Now that you understand the quest sequence for the TOTK Honey Bee Mine, let’s delve into the task and complete it.

How To Complete Honey Bee Mine Quest

In the TOTK Honey Bee Mine quest, your objective is to collect 3 honeycombs for Beetz. These honeycombs can be found in various forests, but the closest one is the forest surrounding Kakariko Village.

  • Locating Kakariko Village: Kakariko Village is situated in West Necluda, and you can navigate to the coordinates (2021, -0954, 0179) to reach the jungle.
  • Finding the Honeycombs: Once you are in the jungle, search around the branches of the trees to locate the honeycombs. Keep in mind that bees tend to attack in groups, so be prepared to handle them.
  • Collecting the Honeycombs: Use your arrows to knock down the honeycombs from the branches and gather them on the ground.
  • Returning the Honeycombs: After obtaining the required number of honeycombs, make your way back to the drummer Beetz and deliver the honeycombs to him to conclude the TOTK Honey Bee Mine quest.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the Honey Bee Mine quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and serenaded Cotera to acquire an armor upgrade.

By following this guide, you can easily accomplish the Honey Bee quest and make your gaming experience in Tears of the Kingdom even more enjoyable.