Why is it hard to be in the Present?

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Yesterday, I was touring the Bengaluru City with my friend. The whole day we roamed around at different places, but while returning to my sister’s home, a question came ‘Why is it hard to be in the present?’

Roaming Around the City

Every day we work-work-work and think that one day we will be good. One day will come when we will be happy. For that one day, we are dreaming from our childhood days.

Yesterday, I felt to contend with myself. I had no tension about the future. And that time, I realised roaming around a city was one of the things I wanted to do, and I was living what I desired. But our minds work constantly, and it doesn’t allow us to look to the brighter side of the day.

Problems-Problems Everywhere

For the last week, while talking to different people, our conversations start with common gestures of knowing about each other general condition. Later, one person starts sharing their problem, and suddenly a problem-sharing competition starts.

I realised in the past week that every person is dealing with some sort of problem. Problems can be different, but that problem is big for him/her (personally). Moreover, the quality of tension or stress a problem produce inside a human being is equal for every person, whether he or she is filthy rich or a beggar.

It shows that God has made us equal. The conditions, upbringing, and social status of different people will differ. Still, if somebody has any disease or problem, it will affect the human body similarly.

Simple is Difficult

To be in the present is not difficult; it is hard but simple. The hardness lies in the simplicity of life. But simple is not what we yearn for. Humans need complex strategies for simple problems to give themselves a sense of effort been put.

I read it somewhere that we all know the best and simple strategy to lose weight is to decrease your calories and increase your physical activity. But all those who want to lose weight read numerous articles and watch videos of ‘how to lose weight’? And never get started. Doing all the hard research work gives them a sense of work done to lose weight. Later, nobody moves an inch from their couch and never loses weight.

To be in the present is the best way to live a life. I realised it yesterday and would like to continue. A human mind cannot be stable for long. And our world never let us contend. We get distracted and lose our balance whenever a new desire comes to us. Still, we constantly need to put an effort into to be in the present.


The foundation to achieve the ‘to be in the present’ state is ‘meditation‘. I am not going to tell which meditation. Just go on and try different kinds of meditation and pick one that is helping you to be in the present.

The only measurement of meditation working for you is that you start living in the present and find calmness and peace inside your body.

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