When Is Valorant Mobile Coming Out?

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Excitement is building among big fans of Riot Games’ popular shooter, Valorant, as they eagerly await its mobile version. Riot Games has officially announced the development of Valorant Mobile, assuring users an awesome experience on their mobile devices.

Although the release date hasn’t been revealed yet, rumors and leaks have emerged, giving us a sneak peek into when it might happen. Let’s explore what we already know about Valorant Mobile.

Valorant Mobile Release Date Predictions

Everyone is wondering, “When will Valorant Mobile be released?” Despite Riot Games expressing their commitment to a mobile version, they haven’t disclosed the official release date. However, insiders suggest that the game might hit the scene in 2024 after a series of public tests.

A well-known leaker, PlayerIGN, shares some thoughts, suggesting that testing for Chinese users could align with the Lunar New Year celebration. Moreover, there’s speculation about a broader release just before the summer break, perhaps around June.

Given that mobile games often launch at different times in various regions, it’s possible that some players might get their hands on Valorant Mobile sooner than others.

Crossplay Considerations

Valorant enthusiasts are curious about whether the mobile version will support crossplay with the PC version. While Riot Games hasn’t officially spilled the beans on crossplay, it’s reasonable to assume that Valorant Mobile won’t have this feature when compared to its PC counterpart.

Unlike being a simple copy of the original version, Valorant Mobile is being created as a unique game. The challenges involved in making crossplay work between mobile and PC, combined with the competitive nature of Valorant, make it difficult to level the playing field.

This might put mobile users at a disadvantage against their PC counterparts, making crossplay seem unlikely.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits Valorant Mobile’s arrival, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for updates. Because mobile game launches can happen at different times in different places, it’s a good idea to stay informed.

While we wait for Riot Games to announce the release date, fans are encouraged to bookmark this site for the latest news and updates on Valorant Mobile.


Valorant Mobile is bringing the excitement of Riot Games’ tactical shooter to a wider audience, allowing fans to enjoy intense battles on their mobile devices. Even though the release date is still a mystery, speculations and leaks hint at an exciting year ahead for Valorant enthusiasts.