Whatsapp International Call Scam 2023 | User Beware

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Recently, people witnessed calls from an international number in India out of the blue. It is the new Whatsapp International Call Scam that surfaced.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that allows voice and video calls over the Internet. Billions of people are using it worldwide. The WhatsApp scam is not new. Scammers have exploited it in various ways.

But now a new scam, i.e., Whatsapp International Call Scam, has been detected in which people are getting calls from international numbers (of different countries) like Ethiopia (+251), Malaysia (+60), Indonesia (+62), Kenya (+254), Vietnam (+84) and others.

It is common knowledge that WhatsApp calls are made over the Internet. However, according to specific media reports, agencies are selling international numbers for WhatsApp calls within the same city as the caller.

This means anyone can make calls from such numbers without incurring international charges associated with regular cellular calls. Several Twitter users reported receiving calls from international numbers more than once.

What is the best way to avoid Whatsapp International Call Scams?

The best way to avoid Whatsapp International Call Scams is to not respond to unknown international calls (either voice or video). These calls usually appear out of the blue.

Hence, if you suddenly get a call from an international number, it is best to turn it down and block the number for additional safety. From trying to get your details to stealing your money, these scammers could have multiple malicious intentions.

Another Whatsapp International Call Scams

A new type of scam is making the rounds, which involves receiving job offers through WhatsApp messages. Scammers pretend to be representatives of well-known companies and offer part-time work that can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Typically, these scammers entice individuals by promising a small reward for completing a simple “task.”

After receiving their initial payout, users often develop trust in the scammers and unwittingly become entangled in a much larger scam that could result in significant financial losses.

This pattern has been observed in numerous incidents in the past, and some Twitter users have taken to the platform to raise awareness about the scam.

How can I identify if a job offer is legitimate or a scam?

  • Unprofessional communication: If the communication you receive is poorly written and inexperienced, it could be a sign that the job offer is a scam.
  • Unsolicited offers: It could be a scam if you receive a job offer out of the blue without applying for the position.
  • Request for personal information: If the job offer requires you to provide personal information such as your bank account details, social security number, or other sensitive information, you should be cautious.
  • Guaranteed job offer: It could be a scam if the job offers to guarantee you a position without an interview or any other evaluation process.
  • Upfront payment: If the job offer requires you to pay upfront for training, equipment, or any other reason, it could be a scam.

End Note

Whatsapp International Call Scam is new and targets people out of the blue. There are various Whatsapp scams have been seen earlier as well. Therefore, keep avoiding it and also make others aware of it.

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