Videogamehomeuk Review: Scam or Legit?

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Hello friends and welcome to Review. In the recent past, we have seen that many sites have been duping people by offering great discounts on branded Gaming consoles. Gaming Consoles like Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Products available on the Videogamehomeuk site are Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L/R Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle, Nintendo Joy-Con Set L/R – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Edition, Nintendo HORIPAD Red, Nintendo HORIPAD Mini Mario, PlayStation 4 Slim Gold 1TB GameStop Premium Refurbished, Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Console Black with 3.5mm Jack Controller, Microsoft Xbox One 1TB Console Forza Motorsport 6 Edition, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console Lightning speed and many more.

Is Videogamehomeuk Real or Fake?

Videogamehomeuk is not a legit site to buy any gaming consoles it is offering. There are many problems with this website, for instance, it is still showing Black Friday Sale which is not the appropriate sale. The deals present on the site are too good to be true. Similarly, many red flags are present on this website.

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Red Flags of Videogamehomeuk

No Site Name, Only Domain Name

This website doesn’t have any site name. Every general and genuine website that comes to do real business always uses the same site and domain name.

It is the feature of a bad website that uses a different site and domain name, or no site name only domain name. The same has happened on this site, where the domain name is Videogamehomeuk.

Too Good To Be True Deals

The only way scammers can attract customers is by offering unrealistic deals. This trick is used by Videogamehomeuk’s people. They are offering more than 70% discount on every gaming console.

All the deals are too good to be true which cannot be possible in a realistic world. Below is the price list of gaming consoles present on the Amazon Site. The real product will cost real prices, please do not get into the scammer’s trap of low price rates.

Duplicate Website

Videogamehomeuk is not an original site. It is using duplicate content from another different site. In the era of the internet, content plays a vital role. No genuine company can take the chance to fall into the eyes of Search Engines.

Search Engines put great emphasis on the content present on a website. Therefore, never shop from sites that don’t consist of the original content of their own.

List of Other Similar Sites like Videogamehomeuk

Videogameum, Bolobags, Playstationswitch,, Videogamehomesl, Playstatinswitch, Videogameumm, Coolxgamea, GamebestbuyOplaystation5, Ps4gamefun, Videogamecz, Videogameca,, Nintendoswch, Usplaystation, Ibuygames, Coolgaming.shopVideogamesta, Playsgame, and Videogamey.

Hiding Owner’s Information

Another aspect of a fake website is that they hide their information. The maker or owner of Videogamehomeuk site has not shared anything about him or her. In WHOIS records as well they have guarded their info.

This shows that they are intentionally hiding their info from their customers. It is not a good practice. It makes this website more suspicious.

Fake contact Address

The contact address mentioned on the site is 14573 Breza Drive, Macomb County, Michigan,48315, United States. When we checked this address on google maps we found nothing about the Videogamehomeuk site or company. It clearly shows that this site is using a fake address.

Security Measures

Cyber Security is the major concern of the present time. Therefore, to secure the data of its customer, every website spends a good amount of money on its security.

But on the Videogamehomeuk site, except for an SSL certificate, no other security measures are present. It makes the ‘Videogamehomeuk’ site, not just a fake site but also an unsafe place for shopping.


Videogamehomeuk isn’t the right shop to buy Gaming Consoles. Please don’t buy them from here. Different types of scammers working online, learn their modus operandi on How to detect online scams?

You’re most welcome to share your story, ideas, views, and experience with others by writing in the comment section. There are numerous reasons why we fall for similar kinds of swindles. Read the following piece to clear your perspective, Why We Fall Into Scam?

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