Valorant Scalpers Are Ruining Valorant Fans Hopes Of Watching The Biggest Tournament This Year

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Valorant scalpers, Utilizing bots, Have swiftly purchased a significant number of tickets for the final days of the tournament, with the intention of reselling them at inflated prices.

Valorant community excitement for the first international tournament in north america, Valorant champions 2023, Has been dampened by a persistent and frustrating trend.

This not only leaves genuine fans disappointed but also threatens to undermine the integrity of the event.

VALORANT Champions 2023: A Grand Finale in California

Held at the prestigious Kia Forum in California, Valorant Champions 2023 represents the pinnacle of competitive play for Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter.

The tournament’s final three days, from August 24 to 26, promise to deliver thrilling matches, culminating in the grand finals on Saturday. Unfortunately, tickets for the highly anticipated grand final day sold out within an hour of general admission going live.

Valorant Scalpers Exploit The Ticketing System

To add insult to injury, it has come to light that a large number of final-day tickets have fallen into the hands of scalpers who used bots to secure them before genuine fans could access them.

These scalpers have no interest in attending the event themselves but seek to profit from reselling the tickets at exorbitant prices.

As a result, The current listings for the final day of valorant champions 2023 consist solely of “verified resale tickets” that come with significantly inflated prices.

Exorbitant Prices And Limited Availability From Valorant Scalpers

The impact of valorant scalpers is evident when we examine the pricing of these resale tickets. Even the cheapest seats in the “nosebleed section” have been marked up by over $200.

Prior to the ticket release on Ticketmaster, Riot Games had announced that the lowest-priced seats for the final day would range from $40 to $60, with the highest-priced tickets capped at $240.

However, at present, only a handful of seats remain below the $240 mark, while the so-called “best seats” offered by Ticketmaster range from $500 to an astonishing $2,000.

Availability For Pre-Final Days

While the grand final day tickets are scarce due to valorant scalpers’ actions, there are still numerous official standard tickets available for the days leading up to the grand finale.

Fans who are unable to secure tickets for the final day can still be part of the VALORANT Champions 2023 experience by attending the earlier matches and supporting their favorite teams throughout the tournament.

An Ongoing Issue For Ticketmaster Users

The frustration experienced by valorant fans echoes the sentiments of various fan groups who have encountered similar issues when purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster in recent years.

The problem gained significant mainstream attention during the Taylor Swift tour ticket fiasco, which prompted calls from members of the U.S. Congress to address this problem effectively.

As the valorant community eagerly awaits the grand finals of valorant champions 2023, it is crucial for stakeholders to address the issue of scalpers undermining the accessibility and affordability of tickets.

By implementing measures to prevent bot purchases and ensuring fair ticket distribution, the organizers can preserve the integrity of the tournament and provide a positive experience for dedicated fans.

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