Valorant Radianite Points System Scam Community Uproar

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Valorant, Riot Games’ popular tactical shooter, is currently facing a wave of discontent from its player base over what they perceive as an unfair and deceptive in-game currency system.

The focal point of this controversy revolves around Valorant Radianite Points System Scam, with players expressing frustration and labeling the system as a complete “scam.”

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Valorant Radianite Points System Scam

Since Valorant’s launch, the in-game currency system has largely remained unchanged. Valorant Points have traditionally been used to acquire Agents and various cosmetic items, while Radianite is specifically designated for upgrading owned weapon skins.

Normally, players obtain Radianite by leveling up the game’s battle pass or by purchasing it using Valorant Points, which can be exchanged for weapon skin variants, animations, and VFX upgrades.

Community Outcry

Recently, a Reddit thread emerged on January 11 titled “Radianite is a scam,” where a player criticized the existing Valorant currency system.

The player expressed frustration, questioning the necessity of a separate currency for unlocking animations, colors, and other cosmetic upgrades after already making a significant financial commitment.

The sentiment was clear players felt that spending substantial amounts, such as $130 on a bundle, should grant instant access to all associated content without the need for additional purchases.

In the thread’s replies, numerous players echoed the discontent, with some going as far as describing Valorant’s monetization model as one of the worst they have ever seen.

Criticisms ranged from feeling compelled to make additional purchases to the overwhelming nature of the in-game currency system, which seems designed to encourage constant spending rather than allowing players to buy only what they need.

Despite Riot Games introducing Kingdom Credits in 2023, providing more options for unlocking certain cosmetics, the community remains dissatisfied with the overall system.

The sentiment persists that the Radianite points system is not player-friendly and creates an unnecessary barrier to enjoying the full value of in-game purchases.


The uproar within the Valorant community highlights the need for game developers to balance revenue generation with player satisfaction.

As the debate over the Radianite points system continues, Riot Games may face increasing pressure to reevaluate and potentially adjust their in-game currency model to align better with player expectations.

In the evolving landscape of free-to-play games, striking a balance between monetization and player-friendly practices is crucial for fostering a positive gaming experience.