Valorant Premier Major Changes: Riot teases 3 Changes Coming Including Big Community Request

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Riot Games, the creator of valorant, Has exciting news for the gaming community as valorant team-based competitive system, Premier, is set to make its official debut in august, Riot games has unveiled three valorant premier major changes that will be implemented in the near future.

Premier, envisioned by Riot as an experience that bridges the gap between competitive five-stack games and professional VCT play, is preparing for its final playtest before the highly anticipated full launch in August.

During this “Ignition Stage” event, several minor refinements identified during Premier’s global open beta will be introduced, including improved SMS verification and matchmaking.

However, Riot’s lead producer, Laura La Vito, has revealed three more substantial changes that are currently in progress for the complete Premier experience.

Valorant Premier Major Changes – All The Changes Coming with Valorant Premier

These are all the major changes that will be coming with valorant premier:

1. Enhanced Flexibility with Player Substitutions

The first key change focuses on providing teams with the flexibility to make player substitutions in between Playoff Tournament matches, similar to the approach taken by DRX.

This change aims to address one of the most controversial issues that emerged during the beta testing phase.

By allowing teams more time windows to queue for their matches, Riot aims to improve the overall experience for players.

2. Expanded Time Windows for Match Queueing

Another notable change Riot is exploring is the expansion of time windows for match queueing. This adjustment aims to give teams more flexibility and mitigate scheduling conflicts.

By allowing teams to select suitable time slots for their matches, Riot hopes to alleviate some of the challenges faced by players during the beta period.

3. Introduction of Tactical Pauses

In a surprising move, Riot is considering the addition of tactical pauses to Premier. This feature, not yet available in the mode, would allow teams to strategically pause the game to discuss tactics, regroup, and adapt their strategies.

Tactical pauses can significantly impact the outcome of matches and add a new layer of depth to the competitive experience.

In addition to these significant changes, Riot is also planning to emphasize teams’ weekly results and leaderboard standings within Premier itself. This emphasis will play a crucial role in determining matchmaking and tournament brackets.

Previously, matchmaking primarily relied on teams’ divisional MMR thresholds, which were based on players’ performance in ranked matches.

Riot aims to enhance the competitive integrity of Premier by incorporating teams’ weekly performances and leaderboard positions into the matchmaking algorithm.

Unfortunately, these exciting improvements will not be available in time for Premier’s full release in August. Players eager to experience these changes will have to wait patiently for an upcoming update after the official launch.

Overall, the implementation of these changes would greatly enhance Premier’s appeal as a path-to-pro avenue, aligning with Riot’s vision for the game with increased flexibility, expanded time windows, and the introduction of tactical pauses, Premier promises to offer a more engaging and competitive environment for aspiring professional players.

Stay tuned for further updates on valorant premier and get ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming journey.

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