Valorant New Agent 25 Clove: Release Date, Abilties, Design And More

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Valorant’s ever-evolving roster is about to bloom with the arrival of agent 25, codenamed Clove. This highly anticipated addition has been shrouded in mystery for months, with teasers scattered throughout the game and developer communications.

But the wait is almost over. Here’s everything we know so far about clove, The scottish controller who promises to redefine the role with an aggressive playstyle and a unique set of abilities.

From Smokescreen To Spotlight

The first whispers of agent 25 emerged in episode 8 Act 1 with the Chrysalis player card in the battle pass. This card showcased a vibrant pink and purple aesthetic, alongside a butterfly emerging from a cloud of smoke.

This imagery sparked speculation about a controller agent with a focus on manipulating smoke and potentially possessing a self-revive ability, mirroring the transformation of a butterfly.

Further hints arrived through in-game emails from deadlock, the organization coordinating valorant’s agents.

While the english version remained cryptic, The german version accidentally mentioned the name clove twice, confirming the agent’s moniker. Data miners also discovered the codename Smokedancer, further solidifying clove’s role as a controller.

Clove Abilties

Unlike traditional controllers like brimstone or omen, Clove is expected to be a more aggressive addition to the class.

Riot games themselves hinted at this in a developer video, stating, “dropping smokes takes on a new life,” suggesting clove’s smokes will be used for offensive maneuvers rather than solely for defensive setups.

Leaks suggest clove’s abilities will cater to this aggressive playstyle. One ability, codenamed “Pick Me Up,” is rumored to function similarly to jett’s updraft, allowing clove to reach advantageous positions and potentially surprise enemies lurking in smokes.

Another ability, Metal, Remains shrouded in mystery, but some speculate it might disrupt or suppress enemy abilities. Finally, Rue is believed to be clove’s smoke ability, potentially featuring a unique pink and purple aesthetic that aligns with the teasers.

Her ultimate ability is still under wraps, but the Chrysalis player card and developer comments hinting at a self-revive mechanic have fueled theories.

If confirmed, this would be a game-changing ultimate, allowing clove to take more risks and potentially clutch rounds even after being eliminated.

Clove Design: Aesthetics And Inspiration

Clove’s design is heavily inspired by butterflies, with a vibrant pink and purple color scheme. This theme reflects the idea of transformation, possibly hinting at her abilities or lore. Additionally, Riot confirmed clove will be scottish, adding another layer of intrigue to her character.

The Impact Of Clove

Clove’s arrival promises to shake up the valorant meta in several ways. Her aggressive playstyle as a controller will force players to rethink traditional smoke setups and defensive strategies.

Enemies will need to be wary of pushing through smokes, as clove might be lurking within, ready to ambush. Additionally, her potential self-revive ultimate could lead to more aggressive plays and clutch moments, adding a new layer of excitement to competitive matches.

Clove Release Date

While no official release date has been announced, Riot’s teasers and communication suggest clove’s arrival is imminent.

With Episode 8 Act 2 expected to drop sometime in late march 2024, Clove could be released alongside the new act, bringing a fresh wave of strategic depth and tactical possibilities to valorant.

Clove’s arrival marks a significant step in valorant’s evolution. Her unique blend of aggressive control, self-preservation (potentially), and a vibrant aesthetic promises to be a breath of fresh air for the game.

As players eagerly await her release, the possibilities for creative strategies and clutch plays with clove are endless. The wait is almost over, and soon, the butterfly will take flight, leaving a trail of tactical innovation in its wake.