Valorant Icebox Return: Map Changes Bidding Farewell To Haven

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In a chilly twist to the Valorant competitive scene, Riot games has announced the Valorant Icebox Return to the Ranked map pool with the commencement of Episode 8 on January 10, 2024.

This change comes after a hiatus that began in Episode 6 Act 3, leaving many players and professionals anticipating the frosty map’s reappearance.

However, the return of Icebox comes at the cost of temporarily removing Haven from the lineup, ushering in a dynamic shift in the tactical landscape of valorant.

Valorant Icebox Return

Valorant enthusiasts can brace themselves for the frosty challenges of Icebox once again, as Episode 8 brings back the map to Ranked play. Known for its complexity and teleportation possibilities, Icebox has been a favorite in both casual and professional settings.

Omen players, in particular, are thrilled about the return, eager to explore the strategic opportunities presented by the myriad of boxes scattered across the map.

However, this excitement is accompanied by a temporary farewell to Haven. The absence of Haven, a map cherished by many, adds an element of uncertainty to Episode 8’s competitive gameplay.

The hiatus of Haven, though indefinite, prompts players to adapt their strategies and tactics in the absence of this familiar battleground.

Episode 8 Map Pool Changes

The transition to Episode 8 signifies a significant shift in the Valorant map pool. Players can expect to experience Icebox’s challenges and nuances once again, as the winter-themed map re-enters the competitive fray.

As of now, there have been no leaks or information regarding any rework to Icebox, leaving players curious about potential alterations to the map.

Concerns And Hopes For Icebox

While the return of Icebox is met with enthusiasm, some players express concerns about specific aspects of the map. Notably, there is a hope for tweaks to the Operator angle at A-side entrance, an area that has been deemed slightly problematic when caught off guard.

Addressing such concerns is crucial for ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience on Icebox.

Additionally, players have noted the map’s favorable conditions for attackers, particularly in the mid region where multiple paths offer diverse attack strategies.

The prevalence of tunnels and alternative routes in mid has contributed to the map’s dynamic nature, and players are eager to see if Episode 8 brings any adjustments to this aspect of Icebox.


As Valorant Episode 8 kicks off, the return of Icebox injects a refreshing dose of excitement into the competitive scene. Omen enthusiasts, in particular, can explore the strategic possibilities offered by Icebox’s unique layout.

However, the temporary removal of Haven adds an element of unpredictability, challenging players to adapt and evolve their tactics in the absence of this familiar battleground.

As the winter-themed battles commence, players eagerly await any potential changes to Icebox, hoping for a balanced and engaging gameplay experience in Episode 8.