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Valorant enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a captivating bundle, especially after the somewhat underwhelming intergrade bundle release in recent weeks. Riot games has heard the community’s call, and their response is the highly anticipated Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle, a project that has been in development since march.

Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle

Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle

Gaia’s vengeance 2.0 has been shrouded in secrecy for a considerable time, leaving fans in anticipation. Leaks that surfaced as early as march hinted at its development, and given the frenzy they caused, it’s likely to be the next big thing to hit the valorant store.

Gaia 1.0 was a massive hit on the valorant market, garnering a legion of fans. Its success ignited riot’s interest in creating the 2.0 version, complete with the missing weapon pieces that players have been clamoring for.

In this article, we delve into what this Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle entails, including its stunning skins and much more.

Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Weapon Skins

Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Weapon Skins, Release Date, Price

This revamped bundle is expected to maintain its original price point of 7,100 VP, offering a fantastic array of weapon skins:

  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Phantom (1,775 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Ares (1,775 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Bucky (1,775 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Shorty (1,775 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Axe & Knife (3,550 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Gun Buddy (475 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Player Card (375 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Spray (325 VP)

Gaia Vengeance 2.0: Price And Release Date

These are the prices you would pay if you choose to purchase the skin pieces individually. However, opting for the bundle will grant you the melee piece for free, thanks to the discount applied.

While this information is still based on leaks, the expected price range is not likely to deviate significantly.

As the Intergrade bundle remains available for nearly three more days, Valorant enthusiasts can anticipate the gaia 2.0 skin collection to drop soon after.

Gaia Vengeance 2.0: Is It A Worthy Successor To 1.0?

It’s natural to compare the new bundle to its predecessor, Gaia 1.0. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Is it an improvement over the 1.0 version?”

Since the leak surfaced, numerous comments and opinions have emerged. Here are some of the most common critiques:

  • Many feel that having just the knife would have been a better choice, as opposed to the combination of the Axe and Knife.
  • Some argue that the Axe model remains unchanged and could have used an upgrade.
  • There’s a consensus that the Guardian skin resembles a wand more than a weapon.

Despite the prevalent criticisms, the bundle serves as a welcome addition, especially because it includes the previously missing weapon skins such as the phantom.

Gaia enthusiasts have reason to be content with this release. Are you considering purchasing it? Share your thoughts on the Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

In response to the valorant community’s demand, Riot games is set to unveil the highly anticipated Gaia Vengeance 2.0 Bundle, building upon the success of its predecessor with exciting weapon skins and features, this bundle promises to be a game-changer for Valorant enthusiasts.

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