Valorant Fans Call For Riot To Add ‘Inspect Abilities’ Feature

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Valorant enthusiasts are urging Riot developers to incorporate a new feature that allows them to inspect abilities, mirroring the existing in-game ability to examine weapons.

Since the release of Valorant, the gaming community has been proactive in proposing features that could enhance this popular first-person shooter.

In the past, players have suggested a wide range of ideas to improve the game, including the highly anticipated replay mode. More recently, there has been a call for a feature that enables players to hide skins from teammates in order to combat trolls.

Now, the community is directing its request towards Riot, urging them to include the option of inspecting specific Agent abilities.

Valorant Players Advocate For The ‘Inspect Abilities’ Feature

In a Reddit thread on July 2, a Valorant fan by the name of ‘mythicat_73‘ presented a new feature suggestion to Riot developers. They proposed the addition of an ‘inspect abilities’ feature, similar to the existing ability to inspect weapons in-game.

“Why can’t we inspect abilities, just like we can inspect Chambers’ Headhunter and Tour de Force? It would be really cool to inspect Sova’s bow, Gekko’s wingman (maybe even a fistbump animation),” they expressed.

This idea garnered positive responses from fellow players, with many agreeing that it would be a valuable addition. One player remarked, “It would be cool, although some abilities may be difficult to inspect due to their quick-cast nature.”

Another suggested incorporating abilities into contracts, stating, “It would be cool to have them as part of the progression system.”

However, as several fans pointed out, the implementation of such a feature is unlikely, primarily due to the absence of significant cost-benefit for Riot.

“The cost-benefit ratio just isn’t favorable. It would require additional development time for every future agent and incur substantial upfront costs, while only a fraction of players would truly appreciate it,” one fan explained.

Another fan chimed in, saying, “Implementing this would involve creating numerous animations, resulting in considerable expenses for Riot.”

For the time being, we can only wait and observe whether the developers will consider this suggestion. Nevertheless, it is evident that Riot has drawn inspiration from the community’s feedback in the past.

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