Valorant Could Not Enter Matchmaking: Error Fix & Solution

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Hey there, middle school gamers, So, after the cool 7.01 patch dropped in valorant by riot games yesterday, There’s been some hiccups for a few players trying to get into the action. Let’s talk about how to tackle the ‘valorant could not enter matchmaking’ error.

Facing The ‘Could Not Enter Matchmaking’ Issue? Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Server Overload, Oops!
    Sometimes, when lots of players are trying to jump in at once, the servers get a bit overwhelmed. If you see this error, it might just mean the servers are having a bit of a traffic jam. Be patient, give it some time, and maybe check the official Valorant server status for updates.
  • Your Side of the Connection.
    Now, it might not always be the servers misbehaving. Check your end too! Here are some quick fixes you can try:
    • Firewall Check: Make sure your computer’s firewall isn’t playing matchmaker and blocking Valorant. Firewalls are like the bouncers of the internet; they can sometimes accidentally keep you out.
    • Stay Updated: Keep your Valorant game up to date. If there’s a new version, just restart the game, and it’ll prompt you to update if needed.
    • Internet Check: Double-check your internet. Run a speed test to make sure it’s not taking a nap. If you’re on Wi-Fi, maybe give wired a shot for a more stable connection.
    • Say Hi to Riot Vanguard: Sometimes the Riot Vanguard anti-cheat tool takes a coffee break. To fix that, open Task Manager, find any Riot Vanguard processes, end them, and restart Valorant. It’s like giving it a fresh cup of coffee.

Fingers crossed, One of these tips helps you kick that ‘valorant could not enter matchmaking’ error to the curb. If not, well, maybe it’s just a sign to take a short break until the servers chill out.