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Valorant Agents Real Names takes us beyond the game’s virtual battlegrounds, Offering a glimpse into the personal lives of the characters we’ve come to know by their operational pseudonyms.

In the ever-expanding universe of valorant, Riot games took a step further in 2022 to enrich the lore of the game. A plethora of new information has come to light, shedding insights into our favorite maps and agents.

With each revelation, the convoluted puzzle of this FPS game’s narrative gains new pieces. Just as in other similar games, each valorant agent adopts a unique code name or call sign.

These monikers, usually short and easily memorable, serve both narrative and practical purposes. Their distinctiveness ensures easy communication during matches, facilitating seamless teamwork and coordination.

However, these call signs also play a crucial role in masking the true identities of the agents, as evident from the cinematics and extended lore of valorant.

When valorant was released in 2020, players had little to no knowledge about the agents beyond subtle hints at their personalities, discernible from voice lines and cinematics.

With the advent of agent dossiers, the tools Fade employed to coerce fellow valorant agents, we finally gained insight into nearly all the valorant agents real names. Naturally, exceptions exist, considering the diverse spectrum of characters present in the game.

Valorant Agents Real Names

While not in the precise order of valorant agent releases, the following list unveils the valorant agents real names up to this point:

Brimstone – Liam Byrne

Brimstone, the charismatic leader with an all-American aura, holds the distinction of being valorant’s eldest agent. His background includes a stint as a firefighter followed by service as a military soldier.

One might have anticipated a more paternal name to align with Brimstone’s personality. Interestingly, the name Liam, which means “guardian” or “protector,” aptly resonates with Brimstone’s role within valorant.

Viper – Sabine Callas

The veil over Viper’s name had already been lifted before the release of the agent dossiers. An in-game voice line by omen addressed her by her real first name, Sabine, eliciting an irritated response from Viper. This unique name showcases a different facet of her character.

Sage – Lingying Wei / 魏玲瑩

Valorant’s composed healer, Sage, is also referred to as “the stronghold of China” in her agent description.

Trained at a monastery before joining the valorant protocol, Sage possesses the ability to summon slow orbs and walls through her control of radianite, a power stemming from her Radiant nature.

Phoenix – Jamie Adeyemi

Duelist extraordinaire, Phoenix, radiates style perfectly embodied by the name Jamie. His surname, Adeyemi, tracing back to Yoruba origins, underscores his African heritage.

Overflowing with self-assuredness, his agent name seamlessly aligns with his demeanor. One wonders if Phoenix himself chose this call name.

Jett – Sunwoo Han / 한선우

Hailing from South Korea, Jett previously worked as a chef in a Seoul restaurant before joining the valorant protocol.

Known for her somewhat contentious attitude and fiery temper, the name Jett aptly captures her essence. Interestingly, Sunwoo is more common as a male name in South Korea than for females.

Sova – Sasha Novikov / Саша Новиков

Though Sova’s agent dossier states his name as Sasha Novikov, players noticed that Sasha is often a diminutive of Alexander.

Therefore, Sova’s complete name could be Alexander or Aleksander Novikov. Adding to the intrigue, Sova, or “сова” in Russian, translates to “owl,” harmonizing perfectly with his agent design and his Owl Drone ability.

Raze – Tayane Alves

Raze, hailing from the Brazilian city of Salvador, derives her agent name from the English verb “raze,” meaning to level a building.

Among her close companions, Raze goes by the nickname “Tatà,” derived from her actual first name, Tayane.

Reyna – Zyanya Mandrogón

Zyanya Mandrogón is the real name of Reyna, a native of Mexico. The name Zyanya holds Aztec origins.

While her origins remain somewhat elusive, her reputation as a provocative and somewhat malevolent character, responsible for igniting a significant war between Radiants and humans, precedes her.

Despite this, she holds genuine concern for Radiants, as indicated by her voice lines mentioning “her city,” possibly a sanctuary she safeguards. The exact location of this sanctuary remains ambiguous.

Cypher – Amir El Amari / أمير العماري

The revelation of Cypher’s full name, Amir El Amari, in his dossier raises eyebrows, considering his enigmatic reputation as a hacker and surveiller. One would expect a prominent hacker to prioritize anonymity more keenly.

Breach – Erik Torsten

Breach’s association with the Torsten family in Sweden, notorious in VALORANT’s lore for criminal involvement, sets the stage for his complex backstory.

Born without arms, Breach’s sense of alienation within his own family due to his physical condition spurred him to defy expectations. Overcoming his former role as “little Erik,” Breach has emerged as a formidable adversary.

Killjoy – Klara Böhringer

Killjoy’s German name has been known to VALORANT players for some time, thanks to her agent description.

However, her agent dossier sheds light on her parents, Emil and Zehra, possibly hinting at a mixed heritage from the Middle East or Northern Africa. It is conceivable that Killjoy’s father is of German descent, while her mother is not.

Chamber – Vincent Fabron

Chamber’s unmistakable French background is further underscored by his name, Vincent Fabron. His extensive experience with weaponry can be traced back to his time in the French military. Vincent, derived from the Latin “vincere,” signifying “conqueror,” aptly captures his expertise.

Skye – Kirra Foster

Recognized as an environmental activist, Skye’s dedication to nature resonates with her agent name.

Despite this harmony, her actual name, Kirra Foster, veers slightly away from the nature theme. Nevertheless, her impact on the environment remains profound.

Neon – Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez

Hailing from Manila, Neon’s upbringing involved a scientist father and a police officer mother. Her father’s invention of a surge protector aids her control over her electrical abilities.

Astra – Efia Danso

Astra’s Akan descent is reflected in her surname, Danso. Originating from Accra, Ghana, she stands as the sole agent connected to the Astral Guardians, indicating her elevated prowess on a “higher plane” compared to Radiants.

Yoru – Ryo Kiritani / 桐谷 諒

Yoru’s aggressive and arrogant demeanor is no secret. With ties to Tokyo, Yokohama, and the enigmatic “Ito Conglomerate,” Yoru’s lineage links him to Japanese samurai. His given name, Ryo, translates to “dragon.”

Harbor – Varun Batra / वरुण बत्रा

Harbor’s Indian name, Varun, translates to “water god,” a fitting title for an agent known for manipulating water walls. An adept historian, Harbor’s roots trace back to Mumbai, India’s coastline.

Fade – Hazal Eyletmez

Another shadow-dweller, Fade’s enigmatic persona finds expression through her haunting abilities. Her name, Hazal, draws imagery from autumn leaves.

Gekko – Mateo Armendáriz De la Fuente

From Los Angeles, Gekko, with Hispanic heritage, distinguishes himself not only through his nationality but also his multilingualism. Mateo, his full name, occasionally gives way to the more casual “Teo.”

Deadlock – Iselin

While not the most celebrated valorant agent, Deadlock’s stoic demeanor has captured attention. Hailing from Norway, her involvement in the valorant protocol stemmed from a harrowing mission that cost her an arm to a radianite-transformed bear. This trauma likely accounts for her disdain towards Gekko’s companion, Wingman.

KAY/O – None

As a robot, KAY/O lacks the privilege of a legal name or surname.

Omen – [Redacted]

Omen, known by a variety of names to different agents and in different lore aspects, remains one of the enigmas of the game. Whether Fred, John, Yohan, or any other, his true identity remains elusive.

Considering the array of revelations, which valorant agent’s real name struck you as most intriguing or deserving of change? The rich tapestry of valorant universe continues to unfold, captivating players with each unveiled detail.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, revealing the valorant agents real names has added a new dimension to the game’s universe.

Beyond practical communication, these names provide insights into the characters’ personalities and backgrounds. From Brimstone’s Liam Byrne to Omen’s enigmatic identity, each name enriches the narrative puzzle.

This move by riot games deepens the connection between players and the agents they navigate through the game, making valorant’s world even more captivating and immersive.

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