Zomato Cash On Delivery Scam 2023: User Uncovers the Scam on Social Media

A new Zomato cash on delivery scam has been discovered by a Zomato user. According to the consumer’s post, the food delivery personnel offered unethical money-saving tips to the user.

Other users and the company’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal, have expressed interest in the post and the alleged Zomato cash on delivery scam. He assured that the company is aware of the Zomato cash on delivery scam and is ‘working to close the gaps’.

What is Zomato Cash on Delivery Scam?

Vinay Sati, the person who has reported the Zomato cash on delivery scam; used the app to order food and paid for it online. However, when the delivery person arrived, he suggested that Sati pay cash on delivery (COD) the next time because it would be cheaper.

The delivery person claimed that if the buyer had chosen COD, he would have offered the food for significantly less than the price paid online.

He claimed that the user would only have to pay Rs 200 for the entire order, which would have cost him Rs 800 otherwise. In addition, the user must pay an additional Rs 200- Rs 300 to the delivery personnel.

He would then notify Zomato that the order had not been delivered. In the same post, he mentioned the Zomato cash on delivery scam to Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, who assured him that the team is aware of such incidents and is working to resolve the problem.

The food delivery app has also faced criticism in the past for inflating bills for online orders, compared to offline orders. Last year a consumer shared a bill comparing it with the offline bill, showing a price difference of around 34 per cent.

However, Zomato cleared the issue by claiming that it has no control over final online prices decided by the restaurant and the business owner.  

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