Transforming Brands with Print Collateral: The Creato Advantage

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Digital marketing has significantly changed a brand’s look and feel. It has made connecting with buyers easy and memorable. And with the growing business trend each day, captivating print collateral can change your business game.

Creato is a graphic design agency in Sydney that truly brings out the essence of your brand with its captivating print collateral.

Yes, you heard it right! Print collateral like business cards, flyers, posters, etc., with proper paper, colour combinations, and fonts that can give a brand an exceptional result. Therefore, this blog will tell you how a digital marketing company makes your print collateral pop out from the rest.

Let’s get started.

What Are The Services Offered By A Digital Marketing Company For Print Collateral?

Many efforts and strategies are required to make print collateral be seen and remembered in the eyes of the recipient. Therefore, with these steps, we are sure you will learn the best and know which digital marketing company to choose for your print collateral project.

Unique And Visually Appealing

Your print collateral should contain features as per the brand working. For example, if it is the brand of a sustainable or eco-friendly product, then give it a green colour, or if it’s a luxury brand, take bold colours with a shining font. Besides, you can choose a different cut or shape to make your brand’s print collateral stand out.

Clear, Concise, And Consistent

Your brand purpose and goal should be clearly conveyed through this print collateral. Try using persuasive headings, neat look, premium paper, foil stamping, and seem typography. This way, the print can reach and stay in the minds of the recipient.

Add Interactive Elements

We recently saw a trend where people scan codes to read quotes of the day or a happy line for them. Also, people use an aligned picture or visual with a message that draws the customers’ attention. These things are interactive elements that add value and sales to your brand.

Call To Action

Suppose you want to direct readers towards your business or your service. Adding a catchy and interactive CTA (Call-to-Action) in your print collateral and any digital marketing platform is essential.

Some examples of a CTA you can add are visiting the website, purchasing from this link, scanning this QR to see a collection, calling us for more queries, and many more. A CTA written directly on the print collateral might generate sales or drive people to at least go through our service or product.

Quality And Trendy Content

Yes, your print collateral should contain all the information about your brand or service, but at the same time, the content should be persuasive, informative, and catchy to read. For example, telling about your brand through storytelling or question-and-answer concepts is a trend. Also, you can divide a brochure or flyers into catching heading to get the recipient’s attention.

Tailored Concept

Adding a personalised touch to your brand vision and collateral can help you to be remembered in the eyes of the recipient. For example, have you seen this concept of adding seeds in the parcels or visiting cards that will grow into a plant? Or a motivating quote or a line that will make you remember.


Now you know what makes print collateral pop out from the rest of the brands. Keeping all these things in mind, we found a perfect digital marketing company to make captivating and impactful print collateral for your brand- Creato. Explore their graphic design services to learn more.

Create has a team of experienced and fresh minds that will create visually appealing and memorable print collateral. Their team has designed many creative print collateral for several brands, from flyers and brochures to packaging and business cards. Explore their graphic design services to learn more.

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