Simple Cash Reward Earning App Real or Fake? Simple Cash Reward Earning App Review

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Hello friends, earning side income is good and one such app that claim to you in this endeavor is Simple Cash App. We looked into the app and had some doubts about it like many of you. If you have any experience of Simple Cash then please write your valuable review in the comment box. If not then this Simple Cash Review is for you.

Some general questions that people are asking like Simple Cash Real or Fake? or is Simple Cash Scam? or is Simple Cash Legit? Is Simple Cash paying? and many more.

In our experience of last 5 years, while writing about various kind of online scams we can say that any app or website that offer easy way to make money always turn into a scam. There is a saying in the marketing industry that ‘if something is free for you then you are the product’. Keeping this in mind, we critically analyzed the Simple Cash.

What is Simple Cash Reward Earning App?

According to the site, Simple Cash is the best money earning app. Similar claims are made by Earneasy24, Share & Earn App and Sikka App.

“Simple Cash money earning app will help you earn money from anywhere anytime to your UPI bank account wallet. Instant Money earning app which helps you to earn money online money by completing simple offers and app tasks and getting daily coin rewards in your Simple Cash wallet app.”

The modus operandi of this app is to offer easy ways to earn money. They offer task or work like data entry, captcha filling, survey completing, and other easy tasks (like referrals), these kinds of work don’t need skills. So, work without skill never pay good to anyone.

One point we all have to understand, when a common technique that require no skill or knowledge if known to millions of people, then it will not be going to generate any good income.

Some people do earn from such kind of apps, but it is because App makers want some positive reviews. Scammers or fake website and apps owner sometimes buy some reviews from fake users, or they just pay to few people, or they make it compulsory to write feedback before releasing the money.

They tactfully pay to some people fully and earn from other people hard work. Earlier online earning scams used to run via website but now they have come to App market. Any company that offers good money for easy task is never genuine as their business model is not sustainable.

Therefore, the important currency available to us as a human is time. Please use it wisely to learn new skill and do not waste your time on easy ways to make money. As is the most loveable method used by scammers.

How to Earn Money with Simple Cash money earnings app? (AS per Company About Us)

Keyways to earn money in the Simple Cash money earnings app:

  • Earn a daily reward by completing 1 simple offer/task.
  • Get Daily Rewards such as Daily Login Bonus.
  • You can Refer your friends and relative and earn bonus.

Ways to earn cash on Simple Cash Reward Earning App (according to app)

  • Simple Cash instant money and reward earning app, Daily Simple Cash money earning app and pay off your daily expenses.
  • Simple Cash money earning app is the simplest app to earn daily money specially developed for people who love earning money daily in their free time directly in your bank account (through UPI, Paytm, or any other wallet), now earn money from anywhere anytime, and make small payments on your mobile recharge in Paytm or any other wallet instant.
  • Simple Cash app is an instant money earnings app for all your daily miscellaneous/ recharge expenses enjoy the free experience of free earning money online app with the free Simple Cash money earning app The Made in India instant money earning apps daily.

Why people like earning money on Simple Cash Reward Earning App? (According to the APP details)

  •  Completing offers displayed – In the Money earning app Simple Cash the offers are been displayed and you can earn money by completing the offers, Note complete all the steps in the offer to claim the total free money.
  • Refer and earn – Now refer to your friend and earn Rs 20 as a bonus and that is known as referral income.
  • You have a great chance to earn money daily Simple Cash money earning app gives you rewards on daily check-in.
  • Try redeeming money by completing offers, you can withdraw money to your bank account every day so don’t miss out on the chance to earn money every day.

Specification of Simple Cash Reward Earning App

  • Released on: Nov 3 2022
  • Offered by Simple Cash
  • Required Os: Android 5.0 and up
  • Email: NA
  • Company CEO name: NA
  • Downloads: 500K+ (as per Google Play Store)
  • Download Size: 25 MB
  • Rating: 3.7
  • Positive Reviews: Present on Google Play Store
  • Negative Review: majority of people write negatively on Google Play Store where people have declared it a scam.

Is Simple Cash Reward Earning App Legit?

After checking it and the company which own this App, we are not able to find any real person who is responsible for it. The transparency level is zero, and name of CEO, Founder and employee does not present anywhere. If anyone knows about them, please share it with us. We checked the certificate present on the site, but they don’t have any relation with Simple Cash App.

Is Simple Cash Reward Earning App Scam?

From the experience we have in writing about scam website, the modus operandi of Simple Cash App is similar to scam website that offer similar way to earn online income i.e., by filling the captchas.

To detect a scam is very simple, just check, the company, app or website what they really want from their members. Are they offer easy task and good money then most probably that site or app is a scam. If not then in future they are going to turn into a scam. Keeping distance from such lucrative offers is a wise decision.

You can find various types of online income scam here.

Is Simple Cash Reward Earning App real or fake?

The negative reviews present on the Google Store against it point towards that it is not a real app. But it is also true that Simple Cash App team respond to their negative comments.

Is Simple Cash App real or fake, should be told by people who used it. We are sure that testimonials present on the site is not real, they all are fake. It is an un-ethical practice to mislead any customer and majorly found on scam sites or apps.


We do not recommend Simple Cash Reward Earning App. It is simply because the modus operandi of this app is similar to scam websites and their business model is not sustainable. But to use it or not it is up to you. Mix comments are present on the Google Play Store.

But we have seen that many scam websites that want to survive for long, they pay to their few members initially, but once their target get achieved, they just shut their website and run.

If you have any experience about Simple Cash App review, please share it with us. Positive, negative and critical views, all are welcome. With your contribution we would help each other to understand this App is genuine App or not.

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