Sextortion Scam: 2 Arrested For Sextortion Scam in Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh: A 42-year-old trader fell victim to a Sextortion Scam ring and lost Rs 25,000 and a gold chain. The incident occurred on Saturday, and on Monday, a case was filed with the Piplani police station. 

Madhya Pradesh Sextortion Case Modus Operandi

Sanu Soni, the complainant, lives in Piplani and works as a cracker dealer in Lalghati. The complainant had contacted Priyanka Sharma (32), who claimed she would employ him in her business where he could earn extra money. 

She had invited him to her home in the Ayodhya bypass area to talk about the price of a machine used in their business. Soni had travelled to meet her on Saturday. Sharma was alone in the house at the time, and she asked the complainant to wait for her boss to return.

Soni did not doubt her intentions because they had been chatting for a while, and he sat inside. However, the woman demanded that Soni undress, threatening the victim with false charges.

While she was present, the complainant undressed. According to police, the woman approached Soni, and then the accused, Sahil aka Farid 34, opened the door while holding a camera.

He also threatened to make his video go viral. The accused then took Rs 5000 cash from him and forced him to pay Rs 20,000 online. They also freed the trader from his chain.

They also demanded Rs 10 lakh from him before releasing him. However, when the victim was unable to arrange the Rs 10 lakh demanded by the accused, he told one of his friends about the incident. His friend advised him to call the cops.

On Monday, Soni filed a police report. According to Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rajesh Singh Bhadauriya, the accused woman and man Sahil aka Farid 34 were arrested.

What Is Sextortion Scam?

This specific type of extortion includes trapping someone in sexual actions, acquiring access to their private images and films, and so on. 

The accused then threatens to expose such images and videos, as well as blackmail them into paying a large quantity of money. The demand for money might be one-time or spread out over time.

In other circumstances, the blackmailer may demand private photographs or films, as well as sexual favours. If you do not comply with their demands, the offender may threaten to damage one’s friends or relatives by exploiting private information taken unlawfully from your personal devices.

Three Major Phases of Sextortion in India (2006-2023)

1. Sextortion Scam First Generation:

These crimes, which primarily targeted women, were committed by ex-lovers who threatened to publish their private photos as “revenge porn.” There were some crude recording methods used.

2. Sextortion Scam Second Generation:

It entailed the use of voice modification software, which converted male speech into female voice during calls, as well as male con artists creating fake profiles of attractive ladies.

Sexting via WhatsApp and subsequent naked video calls were used to trick victims into falling into a honey trap.

Money mule bank accounts, which were created with forged documentation, were used to demand ransom. Programs for screen recording, video editing, and morphing also appeared around this time.

3. Third-Generation Sextortion Scam:

Men extortionists began training and using attractive girls to lure victims at this stage. Because of this groundbreaking discovery, Sextortion Scam evolved into a type of organised crime.

Money mule bank accounts were replaced because cryptocurrency wallets provided greater secrecy and impunity.

Some Tips to Avoid Sextortion Scams

  • To avoid becoming a victim of such scams, people should be cautious when accepting friend requests from anonymous users.
  • To use social networking sites’ privacy safeguards to prevent information from being misused.
  • It should be reported and reported online to the appropriate website. The first step is to file a FIR with the Police Department’s Cyber Crime Wing.
  • It is best to be cautious if the person on the other side is attempting to get closer.
  • Never put anything private or intimate online or allow others to see or record it.

Tips to Report Sextortion Scam

You have the option of sending your complaint against Sextortion Scam or any cybercrime via email or letter. To find the contact information for the cyber cell police in different cities, look in the table that is provided below.

Note: If you don’t find useful information in the Table given below you can connect directly with the GOI Cybercrime portal @

PlaceContactAddress and EmailWebsite


ACP, Cyber Crime Cell, Commissioner office Campus Egmore, Chennai- 600008
E-mail id:
For Rest of Tamil Nadu,
Address: Cyber Crime Cell, CB, CID, Chennai
E-mail id:


Cyber Crime Police Station, C.O.D Headquarters, Carlton House, No. 1, Palace Road, Bangalore-1
Check here

+91-040-2324 0663
+91-040-2785 2274
+91-040-2785 2040
+91-040-2329 7474 (Fax)

Cyber Crime Police Station, Crime Investigation Department, 3rd Floor, D.G.P. office, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad–4

CBI Cyber Crime Cell:, Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Central Bureau of Investigation,
5th Floor, Block No.3, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003
Uttar Pradesh
094544 57953

Sri Balmiki Marg, Inside Hazratganj Police Station, DM Compound Colony, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
Email ID: NA
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