How To Get Sea Breeze Boomerang In Zelda TOTK (Location)

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The Sea Breeze Boomerang is a powerful one-handed weapon found in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This unique weapon, which also appeared in BOTW, boasts a base attack of 16 and a durability of 20.

Legends say that it was wielded by a heroic traveler who sailed the Great Sea, leaving behind the faint scent of saltwater. If you’re on the hunt for the Sea Breeze Boomerang, this comprehensive guide will lead you to its exact location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Sea Breeze Boomerang In Zelda TOTK (Location)

To obtain the sea breeze boomerang, You’ll need to locate a hidden chest within the hebra canyon mine in zelda tears of the kingdom.

The precise coordinates of this chest are -2735, 2918, and -1120. If you’re having trouble navigating using coordinates, follow the step-by-step instructions below to claim this exceptional weapon.

  • Enter the Depths via Rito Village Chasm (-3571, 1803, 0119) or fast travel to Narusis Lightroot (-2559, 3354, -0711).
  • Glide and Dive towards the Hebra Canyon Mine region, heading towards the following coordinate: (-2735, 2914, -1119).
  • Once you arrive, you’ll notice a structure. Make your way to the center of the structure at (-2735, 2918, -1120).
  • Open the chest and collect the Sea Breeze Boomerang.

After acquiring the Boomerang from the chest, you have the option to purchase additional ones from the Bargainer Statues. If you find yourself in need of more Sea Breeze Boomerangs, make your way to the nearest Bargainer Statue located near the Yisuayam Lightroot.

The coordinates for this Bargainer Statue are (-1033, 2690, -0266). Throughout the game, you’ll come across multiple Bargainer Statues, and to make your search easier, refer to the provided location list.

Once you’ve obtained the Sea Breeze Boomerang in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you may also want to consider acquiring the Tunic Of The Hero Set to gain a wind advantage. This set complements the boomerang’s abilities and enhances your overall gameplay experience.

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