Say, Toh Kya? So What? to your Struggle

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Ye Honsala Kaise Juke

(How Can this courage bend?)

Ye Aarzoo Kaise ruke

(How can this desire stop?)

Manzil Mushkil toh kya

(Even if the destination is difficult)

Dhondhla Sahil toh kya

(Even if the shore is hazy)

Tanha ye dil toh kya

(What does this lonely heart matter?)

During times of hardship, we all want something to cling to, which tells us it will be alright. Every struggle comes to an end. Darkness turns into sunshine. But only very few will understand it and be wise to continue their struggle.

For me, the song ‘Ye Honsala’ is a reminder of that. In a nutshell, it says, so what, if the situation is difficult, we must deal with it. This song does not give you sympathy which makes people pitty but it empathises with hardship and struggle.

Ye Honsala Kaise Jhuke Image

The first part, ‘Ye Honsala Kaise Juke, Ye Aarzoo Kaise Ruke’ means how my courage will bow down to difficulty and how my desire can stop. Life is full of hardship and every day we deal with many types of problems and it becomes worse for overthinking people.

The second line says we should not give importance to difficulty. Hardship is a part of our life. We must endure it anyhow. The lines ‘Manzil Mushkil toh kya’, say if the goal is difficult, so what?

What I like here is the attitude. The writer doesn’t give a f**k about a difficult situation, he/she is accepting it and not giving it much importance or peace of his mind. Then comes the second line, ‘Dhondhla Sahil toh kya’? It means, so what, if I do not know how I am going to achieve my goal? I know my goal and I will find the path, I do not know it yet, but I will do it and it will happen, I don’t know how, yet. But it will.

This is something I heard in an interview with Tom Cruise where he says, something like,

“I am that kind of person, like whatever it is we are gonna do it and it’s gonna happen,  how I don’t know?”

This attitude is nothing but faith and belief in oneself that right now things are unclear but soon where things will be clear.

The last line ‘Tanha Ye Dilt oh Kya’, is one of the best one-liners for me and the truth of our human life as well. We are social animals; we need somebody, still in the end and especially during times of hardship (which everyone is facing) we have to deal with it alone. The ‘Tanha’ means ‘alone’, and the line means, so what if my heart is alone?

This song has inspired many people and I can write paragraphs on each line and the following verses but in the end, all come to one point, we all need an attitude to accept hardship and problems. If something is not going according to the plan then say ‘So, what’ or in Hindi ‘Toh Kya’.

Nothing is more important than human life and the time we are spending. No matter how rich someone is, time and soul still nobody can buy.