Ourhappystore Review: Is Ourhappystore com a Scam Site? [Sep 2022]

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Hello friends, we are here to answer all your doubts regarding the Ourhappystore com website. Take a deep breath and read the full article before reaching any conclusion about this website. The Ourhappystore review will highlight all the red flags this site has.

The Ourhappystore review is here to answer some questions. Is Ourhappystore a scam? or is Ourhappystore Legit? Asking questions regarding a website that seems suspicious is the right thing to do.

We urge you to read the article to the end and learn the modus operandi of the fake website. Also, share this knowledge with others and familiarise them with such scams.

What is Ourhappystore com?

Ourhappystore is an eCommerce store selling different types of DAILY-USE products and other related accessories. According to its website, “We are a positive-minded store who aim to bring you the most innovative products which bring you happiness, delight and joy. We provide truly unique products, that offer you great value and make life easier, at an affordable price.”, But this only seems to be fake propaganda to attract customers.

Specification: Ourhappystore Reviews

A. Site Name: Happystore

B. Email: customersupport@ourhappystore.com

C. Contact Address: NA.

D. Contact number:  +1 202-952-1449.

E. Products Category: litter mat, pet hair remover, backpacks and other related accessories.

F. Type of Product Name: HappyStore Beard Filling Pen Kit, 4 Pairs Of HappyStore One Size Fits All Compression Socks, HappyStore Lower Back Support Belt, HappyStore Acupuncture Pen and many more.

G. Options for payment: PayPal Visa MasterCard Maestro and credit cards. (as mentioned on the website).

H. Shipping and Delivery Policy: 5 to 10 days (as mentioned on the website).

I. Return and Exchange Policy: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 days after the receipt of the product (as mentioned on the website).

J. Social media links: They are not present on any social media website or App.

K. Website Age: 28/10/2019

L. Maximum Discount offers– Discount Available on All the Products.

M. Customer Complaints: It is an OLD website, we did not find NEGATIVE Reviews about this store on other websites.

FAQs: Ourhappystore Reviews

Is Ourhappystore Legit?

It is not a legit website in our opinion. It is because for a website to be legit it must show some kind of transparency in its work. But this website has shown nothing, they have not shared anything about its owner. They have also guarded their info in WHOIS records, this trick is used by fake websites.

Is Ourhappystore Real or Fake?

Any data or content on this website has been duplicated and copied from other websites. Anyone can check the contents with a plagiarism checker available online for free.

If the content is copied, it also means their policies are fake too. This makes this shopping website a fake website.

Is Ourhappystore Scam?

All fundamental flaws that are found on a non-legit site that later turn into scams are also present on Ourhappystore. So, sooner or later, This particular shopping website will scam people. Our opinion is simple, please do not use this site and keep a reasonable long distance from it.

Is it worth buying products from Ourhappystore?

The simple and direct answer is no. It is simple because first, they are not going to send the product for a very long time and second, even if somebody receives the delivery then the product will not be correct or original. It is no use to take chance with an unknown website just because of the deals.

Red flags: Ourhappystore Reviews

  • The website’s owner info is hidden and not shared.
  • The website is using duplicate content on its website.
  • Deals offered on the website are too good to be a true kind of offer.
  • Data security is an issue as they have not guarded their website properly.
  • In the Era of Social Media, an online site is not available on social media, this shows that they are not serious about their work.


We do not recommend the Ourhappystore site due to its various red flags. This site is not a good website to shop, please do not use it. Never share your information with them and keep a good distance from it.

If you think you get scammed, read the article: What to do next when you get scammed? How to Recover Your Money from Scammers?

Always report scams, every country has one organisation dedicated to helping customers. Read the following article to know when, Where and How to Report Online Scams? Also, you must write your experience in the comment so that other people understand the seriousness of the online scam issue.

We hope that Ourhappystore Review helped you to understand the true nature of this website. This kind of website targets people on Social Media, Like many other people, people in our social circle are also affected by such scams.

Once the money is deducted it is hard to claim it back. Therefore, becoming aware of online scams is the primary weapon against scams.

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