Mind the real ‘Wishing Tree’

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The mind is a mysterious tool of our body. If we control it, it can do wonders for us; if not, it can destroy us. It is like a wishing tree. Have you heard about the story of the ‘wishing tree’?

A traveller on his journey to some distant place saw a tree and decided to take a rest under it. He was thirsty due to the long travel. He desired to have some water and suddenly he got it. Later he wished to have some food, and he received the food. He was surprised and thought who is doing all these miracles?

He looked around worriedly and found nobody. The human mind has the tendency to be afraid of the unknown. The traveller becomes fearful of the situation and thinks it is a ghost’s work. Now his thoughts become negative, and he believes that the ghost is going to kill him and suddenly the same happened.

The traveller was sitting under the Wishing Tree. It is not a typical tree. Whatever you think it will manifest the same for you. Now it depends upon the person what he/she is going to think.

Our mind is our Wishing Tree. I have observed in my life and asked others as well that whatever they truly wished and for which they worked, things start turning for them. Sometimes things take time to happen, but sooner or later, we get what we wished for (maybe in a different manner).

The crux of this observation and the story is that we need to control our minds. We cannot control thoughts; they are like the wind. Don’t give any valuation to your thoughts.

The only way to not get affected by any positive or negative thought is simple, be neutral and don’t dwell on any thought. Let the thoughts pass by from your mind and now you can filter which thought should be empowered by focusing on it. In this manner, we can use our Wishing Tree for our development and others.

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