“Malibu” Announced To Be Indefinitely Suspended From Official Tournaments, False Advertising Photos Generated By AI, Account Sharing To Avoid Hardware Ban Discovered

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Riot Games announced on January 17th that they had shared accounts to avoid hardware bans and used false advertising photos generated by AI at VCT 2023 GC NA Series 3 held in October last year . We have announced that Malibu has been suspended indefinitely from participating in official tournaments.

In addition, Summertime, a team member who submitted Malibu promotional photos to the tournament management, has been suspended from participating in official tournaments for one year.

Participation in all tournaments and events sponsored by Riot Games will be prohibited for providing false information that violates tournament rules.

It all started when the anti-cheat system detected a cheat during the game Complexity GX3 vs Noot Noot in VCT 2023 GC NA Series 3, an official women’s tournament held in October last year , and Noot Noot, to which the player in question belonged, announced that he would be disqualified.

It was done. A subsequent investigation revealed shared accounts and publicity photos generated by AI. The following is a summary by Riot Games.

“Prior to the match, Malibu had already received multiple punishments from the Riot Games anti-cheat team, and the PC he was using was subject to a hardware ban. I avoided the hardware ban by preparing a PC and playing with another user’s account.

He also colluded with his teammate Summertime to submit false information to the tournament management. I entered the competition by submitting a false profile and promotional photos created by AI.

Riot Games gave Malibu and Summertime the opportunity to submit official information, but neither responded.

Riot Games conducted a thorough investigation over several months and found Malibu in Articles 7.1.14 (consent to submit false information) and 7.1.7 (avoiding hardware ban by using someone else’s account and PC) of the tournament rules.

Due to the malicious nature of Summertime’s violation of Article 17.6 (submission of false information), Malibu will be suspended indefinitely and Summertime will be suspended for one year from participating in official tournaments. ”