How one can convince themselves that what they are doing is ‘worth it’?

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When a person is on a mission and trying to achieve a vision that is impossible for someone to think, they have to work alone despite what others say.

Despite our best efforts, doubts often creep in and attempts to undermine our progress. Many people, especially those striving for significant achievements, motivate themselves daily. I’d wager that everyone, at some point, questions themselves: ‘Is it worth it?’”

This question of ‘worth it’ mainly depends on the outcome. We don’t do things solely for an outcome. Individuals with a mindset to achieve something great, focus their time on the process rather than future predictions.

The outcome happens when we give our best effort and continue learning—a devotional practice. In Western culture, there’s often a desire for obsession or a sense of being possessed by a goal. However, the right mindset is one of devotion to the work and the process. Even if greatness doesn’t materialize, we cherish the time spent because it’s during these projects that we evolve and grow.

It is useless to spend your time thinking about the future. The outcome happens. Our job is to do our work diligently, devotionally, properly, and to the best of our effort.

Now, whatever happens afterwards is beyond our control. Focusing energy on aspects entirely outside our influence is a pure waste of time; it merely undermines our work.

Our task is to perform to the best of our ability, and any contemplation about the outcome—questioning whether it’s worth it—undermines the entire process.