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In the world of Valorant, Radianite Points serve as a valuable in-game currency. Initially perceived as pricey commodities, they can be found in the store, but there are numerous methods to acquire them without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll explore HOW TO GET RADIANITE POINTS IN VALORANT outside of the in-game store.

The Role of Radianite Points in Valorant

Before diving into the strategies for obtaining Radianite Points, let’s revisit their purpose. Unlike Valorant Points and Kingdom Credits, which are primarily used for purchases, Radianite Points are designed for “upgrades.” These upgrades encompass a wide array of in-game enhancements, such as:

1. Skin Variants

Many high-tier skins offer multiple variants, each featuring distinct color schemes. These variants significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal and overall value of the skins.

2. Skin Upgrades

Radianite Points also enable players to unlock upgrades that enhance their weapons. These upgrades can introduce Kill Counts, VFX effects, Finishers, and more, making your arsenal truly stand out.

How To Unlock Radianite Points In Valorant

Radianite Points can be obtained through various means, and one of the quickest and most straightforward methods is by visiting the in-game RP Shop.

However, it’s important to note that this convenience comes at a cost, and it may dent your VP (Valorant Points) budget.

To access the RP store, simply click on the RP logo adjacent to the Valorant Points icon within the game. Periodically, discounts are offered, so if you’re eager to bolster your Radianite Points collection, keep an eye out for these promotions.

Here are the current discounted prices for Radianite Points in the store:

  • 20 Radianite Points – Cost: 1,600 VP (20% Discount)
  • 40 Radianite Points – Cost: 2,800 VP (30% Discount)
  • 80 Radianite Points – Cost: 4,800 VP (40% Discount)

For perspective, acquiring 20 Radianite Points at the discounted rate would set you back approximately $17, which is equivalent to the price of a Premium Skin.

To circumvent this expenditure, consider alternative methods for obtaining Radianite Points, such as playing the game and grinding.

Presently, the primary method to acquire Radianite Points is by progressing through your Battle Pass. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the Battle Pass, as Radianite Points can be redeemed through the Free Chapter Rewards.

However, opting for the Battle Pass will grant access to additional RP from the Premium Chapters. With the current Battle Pass, you can earn 30 Radianite Points from the Free Chapters.

Conversely, if you decide to invest in the Battle Pass and diligently complete it, you can accumulate an impressive 150 Radianite Points.

At the moment, the prevailing sentiment regarding the Battle Pass suggests that some players find the skins less appealing in terms of grind and expense.

However, the allure of Radianite Points makes the Battle Pass a compelling choice, and it remains a key reason why many players still invest in it and prioritize leveling it up.

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