How To Get Dragon Claws In Zelda TOTK

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In the realm of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), acquiring Dragon Claws, also referred to as Talons, can greatly enhance your journey. These precious artifacts, much like other components bestowed by the four mighty dragons, hold remarkable utility.

From fortifying your armor to concocting potent elixirs, or even trading them for substantial Rupees, Dragon Claws serve as invaluable assets. Yet, securing these coveted items demands strategy and effort.

Fear not, for within the following discourse, we shall unveil a series of straightforward techniques to facilitate this intricate process. Embark with us on the quest to obtain Farosh, Naydra, Dinraal, and Light Dragon Claws in TotK.

How To Master Art Of Dragon Claws Farming

To amass and possess Dragon Claws, or Talons, within the expanse of TotK, one must set their sights upon the imposing talons of the dragons themselves.

Yes, you read correctly – by meticulously targeting and launching arrows at the formidable claws, the sought-after components shall become yours.

Regardless of whether the dragon in question is Farosh, Naydra, Dinraal, or Light, each majestic creature shall relinquish a singular Claw (Talon). Should you require clarity on executing this technique, peruse the subsequent steps.

1. Identify Your Dragon Target

Prior to embarking on this quest for Dragon Claws, it is imperative to identify the specific dragon whose Claws you seek. If this initial step proves challenging, our comprehensive “Dragon Locations” guide shall provide the guidance you require.

2. Soar to the Skies

Ascend to the heavens by utilizing the nearby Skyview Tower, catapulting yourself into the sky with an air of determination.

3. Aerial Approach

Engage your Paraglider and navigate towards the colossal creature’s feet, ensuring your trajectory is precise.

4. The Moment of Precision

Mid-flight, armed with a bow and an arrow, time shall slow to a graceful crawl as you enact a meticulous and calculated aim.

5. Elegance in Execution

In this suspended instance, let your arrow take flight, its trajectory guided with unwavering precision towards the majestic beast’s feet.

6. Reaping the Rewards

The culmination of your actions shall result in the graceful descent of a solitary Claw (Talon) from the dragon’s form. Ensuring that this precious treasure does not elude your grasp is of paramount importance.

Take heed, however, for following the collection of a Claw (Talon), a brief interlude of 15 to 20 minutes must transpire before the next endeavor.

Final Thoughts

Thus, with these elucidated steps, the enigmatic process of acquiring Dragon Claws within the enchanting tapestry of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) unfolds before you.

Embrace this newfound knowledge, and may your quest for these magnificent artifacts be met with triumphant success.