How does Fear play to Our Mind?

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Have you ever worried about something that never happened? It happened to me many times when I was afraid of some creation of my mind but never happened and it happens almost 99% of the time. It is good to think about the worst and be prepared for it but it makes no sense to dwell on your fear that may lead to depression or something else.

Fear is a very strong emotion that can do wonders. Many fake people rely on it and try to put pressure on others. We all want peace in our life but life never goes straight line. There are always some ups and downs that set your life direction.

When we used to play cricket, there was nobody to teach us how to be happy about just playing or how to break that saturation level that comes in every athlete’s life. It created a euphoria in our mind that people who play national or international cricket are something else.

Yes, they all have talent but nobody talks about the hardship they put behind to achieve that status. We all forget the pain and suffering every successful people went through. We all face many problems and life hits us every day.

The trick to overcoming any fear is not just to face it, but don’t give it too much of your mind. Do prepare for the worst, it is the best thing to do but after it don’t dwell on it. Set your limit to worry. Tell yourself that I know this is the problem and I can do this only. But I would not waste my time thinking over it again and again.

I have witnessed that many times you don’t have to do anything. As fear is all your creation and in reality there is nothing.

Anecdote Story

I went to Rishikesh with my friends for campaigning and rafting. It was a thrilling experience, as it was our first trip after college and going out of state together. After completing rafting in the morning we were tired at our camp base.

The location of the camp was very cool, it was very near to the Ganga River. At night, when nature goes into the dark, beautiful stars come out to brighten the sky. Rishikesh is Uttarakhand and after 6 pm it went very dark. The day we were campaigning it was full moonlight and I wanted to relax. I went near to the river to sit, as nobody was there. It was peaceful, you could hear forest and flowing river voices.

That day I realised that the forest never sleeps, at night it gets more lively. I sat there for nearly one to two hours and heard my friend’s voice. He was shouting from the kitchen which is around 200-250m away from where I was sitting. He said, dinner is ready, come for food. I also shouted and said ok. Then I suddenly turned back towards the kitchen and suddenly I saw somebody standing near the river.

I was shocked at that moment, as nobody was there in the camping area other than us. What I saw, was a lady standing near the river and her Saree flowing in the air. It was a terrifying scenario for me. Ghost stories in that area are very famous. Many people feel like travelling souls in Rishikesh. For a moment I was stunned and standing at the same spot and wanted to move, but my legs were not obeying me.

At that moment I thought let me go towards that lady. My mind was continuously saying if you don’t check it today, it will be in your mind for the rest of my life. But even checking it, that night is still in my mind. I fence ahead by adding courage towards the lady standing near the river facing it. As I went near to it I found that no lady was standing there. It was a sign board and a cloth was attached to it, which was flying in the air.

The moral of the story is, that most of the things that we are fear of are not real. It is made up and cooked in our minds.

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