Don’t Drive Your Life Car Watching in Rear View Mirror

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Many years back I received a Facebook message, a boy from my school was scolding and abusing me and asking me to come to his place to finish our fight that happened three years back. He was furious and wanted revenge.

Initially, I didn’t take him seriously but later when he continued his threat messages I talked to him, what is the main problem. He said, that day you beat me, now I want to balance our dues.

I said OK. I ask him, what does he want? He replied, ‘You come to my place and we have a fight’. Then I replied first why would I come to your place to fight when I don’t want it? It makes no sense and the incident you are talking about happened three years back (he was still carrying it in his heart).

I told him ok I understand that you want to settle this matter with a fight. He said, yes. Ok, then tell me one thing, I asked. Yes, he replied. That day when I came to your class who started the fight? He said he did.

Ok, and tell me again after the fight when the teacher was taking you to the principal office for fighting with the head boy who saved you? He said you did.

Don’t you understand that I didn’t carry my fight after the fight? Even though we had a fight I supported you and saved you from termination. Isn’t it clear that I didn’t carry this fight and now you want to fight after three years?

He realised his fault and clearly remembered that it was him who started the fight and still I saved him from the principal. He said, I am sorry bro. I felt bad about that day that you beat me but I forgot that you saved me from the teachers. We were friends earlier and could have dealt with it differently but I was not able to take it out of my head.

I again told him that being your senior I will tell you one thing, many people will hurt us, some intentionally and some unintentionally, how many people you can practically fight?

In our case, we fought only one time that too in school and for the last three years, you have been fighting it again and again in your mind and beating yourself. It didn’t harm me but it is not good for your mental health.

If you think I was at fault then I am sorry for that incident but please stop beating yourself. He understood my point and said sorry for abusing me.

One of the things my senior told me at the farewell party was not to take things too seriously, between friends fights are common so, learn to forgive because in some matters you might not be wrong but it is not possible that you will always be right.

Therefore, he concluded that in life to live peacefully we have to learn to forgive people, for our own good. And first start with yourself. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and move on, if you don’t then it will harm you and haunt you.

New Year New Resolution New Perspective

One more year has passed, and one more year has started. People talking about various events that happened in 2023. For some people 2023 was great, for some it was bad and for some, just a year passed.

Billions of people will make new year resolutions and billions will break them on the 2nd day of the year. But are the things that we should do in this new year that will make it great?

There was a saying that we can’t move forward by driving a car looking into the rearview mirror and there is some reason why the rearview mirror is way smaller than the windshield.

To start this new year fresh, first, we have to leave our baggage behind. Free ourselves from old mistakes or wounds. It is not easy but to move forward it is imperative.

Learning new things, making new friends, going for a trip and other activities can help you to have a new perspective on life but you can’t move forward happily without forgiving yourself and others. It is said that we meet ten thousand people in our lifetime and even if we fight with 1%, calculate how much energy it will take.

The reality of our life is, we all are going to die. But we think like an immortal. We can’t control others and life around us, but we can control ourselves. To forgive others and yourself is not done for others’ peace and well-being.

It is for you. Let this new year be more prosperous and peaceful for you, we all do some good deeds and help others in their life. Even though we have some problems with people, but have a big heart and solve them.

Many fights are going around the world, and we can’t stop that but by solving our conflicts (inner conflicts) we can make this world a little bit peaceful and remember all small effects matter. Ocean is created with numerous single drops.

Hope you like the article, if yes then tell us in our comment box whom you are going to forgive this year. Let us make this world a little bit more peaceful.

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