Don’t Fall for Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam

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Dolls Kill is a global online fashion brand. It was named the ‘Fastest Growing Retailer’ 2014 by Inc. magazine. It included Dolls Kill as one of the top companies in San Francisco. Dolls Kills is an excellent place to buy bold streetwear and underground music culture fashion.

As something grows, it catches the attention of evil eyes as well. These days, scammers are running Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam on the internet. Therefore, we are writing this article to inform people of online scams.

Scammers use two human emotions, fear and greed, to get people’s personal information to scam them. This article will explain the modus operandi of Fake Dolls Kill Warehouse scams, the red flags people must spot, and what to do if somebody falls victim.

What is Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam?

In the last few months, the internet saw a swamp of scam websites offering up to 90% off in the name of Dolls Kill Warehouse Sales. These fake sites try to exploit Dolls Kill’s brand name and value to scam others.

They use the original logo, product photos, the same theme or, in short, clone the original website. Scammers use digital marketing techniques to promote their website to fool people and make them believe it is an authentic website run by Dolls Kill.

Reality is different. The work of such websites is to scam people. They do not just create one website but numerous similar sites with other domain names. These scammers have no relation with Dolls Kill company. All they are trying to do is leverage the company’s brand reputation to scam their customers.

What happens when somebody Shops on Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam site?

  1. No Product Received: It is the most fundamental outcome of ordering on a scam website. The product never reaches to its owner. Even some websites come for a few days. Once they receive money, they disappear.
  2. Lousy Product: some Dolls Kill Warehouse sale scam sites want to work for a long time. They delay all the products. First, they send the product after several days. The product they send is of very poor quality, not worth the money.
  3. Damaged Goods Received: Some people receive damaged products that are useless.
  4. Different Product Receives: Customers receive different products that they order. Sometimes, they get useless mugs or any other products.
  5. Scammers Offer 5%-10% cash back: Some scammers who want to run their site for a long time offer cashback. But they only provide 5-10% of your product. They never return full payment.
  6. Gift vouchers: scammers now use all the marketing tools that genuine companies use to retain their customers. Instead of returning the product or giving cashback, they offer gift vouchers for future shopping.
  7. Theft of Personal Data: scammers collect all the data customers enter on their site and turn it into big data. They either sell it at an enormous amount or use it for fraudulent activities.

All the scam websites working on the internet are not the work of an individual. A network of international scammers is behind it. They create fraudulent websites to scam people and try to get their hands on their personal information.

They do not just steal money but people’s identity as well. That is why we try to aware as many people as we can, and it is our dream also to make people aware of the modus operandi of scammers and make cyberspace safer.

Modus Operandi of Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam

First Step: Launch Fake Dolls Kill Website

Scammers buy domain names similar to Dolls Kill company. They add ‘warehouse’, ‘sale’ or any other term on their domain with company name. Most people never check the domain name. All they see is the website theme, created in a way that looks similar to the original Dolls Kill site. Scammers also want people to pay attention to the site and not to the domain.

Generally, on all scam sites that use some company name, you will find differences in the site and domain names. Visually, scammers try to clone the original company website but fail to copy the domain.

They use company logos, product photos and duplicate content on their website.

Second Stage: Use Digital Marketing for Promotion

To promote their fake website, scammers use digital marketing tools. Sometimes, they use influencers, but majorly, they depend on Social Media Ads. They heavily invest in their marketing and reap the benefits as people check social media to get good deals on branded products.

Third Stage: Offer Too Good To Be True Deals

To get people’s attention towards their fake site, scammers offer unrealistic deals and offer. They offer up to 90% discount. Scam websites generally offer big discounts on all their products, even on fresh arrivals.

All these too-good-to-be-true deals catch people’s attention. Even customers understand the deals are unrealistic, but they take a chance as the stakes are not high.

Fourth Stage: Collect Personal Details

While checkout, people need to pay, and it is the point where scammers get their hands on people’s financial information. They collect their credit or debit card details, even CVV numbers. Scammer convent people’s info into big data, which they sell to anonymous third parties.

Fifth Stage: Zero Response After Payment

Once the money is debited from the customer’s account, they realise that they do not have any way to contact the company. Later, they check the contact pages, and the only way left is via email.

Scammers cut all the lines to contact them. Their ads get stopped after some time. Scammers shut their sites down once people start talking about them.

Sixth Stage: Repeat the Process

The scammers repeat the process, using the new domain, and the new design but the same content and modus operandi. We ask people to become aware of scammers’ modus operandi. They can change everything, but fundamental flaws present on one scam site can be easily spotted on other scam sites.

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Red Flags: Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam

  • Duplicate Content is used on Dolls Kill Warehouse pages: after checking the content using a plagiarism checker, we found that the content on this website is not original.
  • Hiding Owner Information: nobody knows who owns this store. In simple words, the information about the owner is not shared. They lack transparency, even hiding their info in the WHOIS records.
  • The Trap of Low Prices and Discounts on all products: it offers products at lower prices and sales on every product. No genuine website offers a sale on every product that too without any reason.
  • No Social Media Account: no social media account shows Homewr is not serious about its work. They have not come to do genuine business.
  • The website’s SSL certificate is invalid. This means the website is unsafe, and your personal information could be at risk.
  • The website is not registered with a known domain registrar. This is another red flag that suggests that the website is not legitimate.
  • The website has a high number of complaints on ScamAdviser. This suggests that other people have had negative experiences with the website.


Is Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Real or Fake?

When we say a site is fake, we find nothing original, and Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale is one such site. It is not an actual website that has come to do genuine business. We have written for over 10K scam websites in the last four years. And still, we have touched the tip of the iceberg.

Is Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Legit?

Dolls Kill Warehouse is not a legitimate site. Legitimacy comes from the ownership and brand value. But this site doesn’t have any real value. People responsible for this e-commerce site are not showing their identity. They are hiding, which is the biggest red flag found among non-legit sites.

Who owns this website, and who are the people responsible for the working and execution of the site? If people don’t ask such questions, they might become victims of an online shopping scam.

Is Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam?

The definition of a scam is simple, but knowing which site is a scam or not is difficult. Scam sites these days deliver the product. The product they send will be defective and of no use. Earlier scam sites were not run for a long time. But now they can survive for years.

Is it worth buying products from Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale?

The simple and direct answer is no. It is simple because first, they will not send the product for a very long time, and second, even if somebody receives the delivery, the product will not be correct or original. Taking a chance with an unknown website is useless just because of the deals.

Here are some additional tips for staying safe when shopping online:

  • Only shop at websites that you trust.
  • Do your research before making a purchase.
  • Be wary of websites that offer products at heavily discounted prices.
  • Never give out your personal information to a website that you do not trust.
  • If you think you have been scammed, report it to the authorities.

First Few Steps to do If you got Scammed by Dolls Kill Warehouse

  • Change Passwords ASAP: If you have registered an account on Dolls Kill Warehouse and used the same password for other online accounts, it is recommended to change your passwords immediately. Additionally, if possible, you should activate two-factor authentication for your accounts. This security measure will help prevent unauthorized access by hackers and safeguard your personal information.
  • Beware of phishing emails: You may receive emails from them or other sources that appear to be related to your order or offer you discounts or refunds. However, these emails could be phishing attempts to deceive you into clicking on malicious links or downloading attachments that may infect your device with malware or steal your information. It is advisable to delete such emails and avoid opening any links or attachments from them.
  • Use content blocker: The use of content blockers can be beneficial in preventing malicious ads, Trojans, phishing attacks, and other unwanted content that may not be detected by antivirus software alone.


We do not recommend this site due to its various red flags. It is not a good website for shopping.

Request: We humbly request that people with some experience with the Dolls Kill Warehouse Sale Scam share their experience in the comment box. It helps others to understand the reality of this website.

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