Disguised Toast Return To APAC: Disguised Toast New APAC VALORANT Lineup

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Disguised Toast, the esports organization owned by Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, is poised to make a grand entrance into the APAC VALORANT scene with the creation of a formidable roster for Challengers MY/SG.

The team is set to feature prominent players, including former Bleed Esports duelist Tyler “juicy” Aeria, Jorell “Retla” Teo, Jia Heng “JayH” Wong, Bryce “bryce” Lee, and Sirajul “Riza” Azrie.

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Disguised Toast Return To APAC

Roster Details

The anticipated lineup for Disguised Toast’s new team is packed with talent. Former Bleed Esports trio – Tyler “juicy” Aeria, Jorell “Retla” Teo, and Jia Heng “JayH” Wong – bring a wealth of experience to the squad.

Additionally, Bryce “bryce” Lee, formerly of Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Sirajul “Riza” Azrie, a current Team Path member, add further depth to the roster.

Notable Changes

Team Path’s recent VCT 2024 announcement excluded Riza, who had previously played alongside Bryce Lee under the Kizuna Esports banner. Retla is on the verge of completing his National Service, marking a crucial transition for the team.

Coaching Staff

The coaching staff for the new Disguised team is nothing short of impressive. Alexander “alexRr” Frisch, a former BIG and cowana gaming player from Germany, is set to take on the coaching role alongside Chris “chrisyong” Yong, former DSG GC support staff.

Speculations and Trials

Recent developments have added an air of uncertainty to the final composition of the roster. Wayne “wayne” Chang has been spotted playing with the team in a scrimmage, raising questions about the participation of Tyler “juicy” Aeria.

Wayne Chang, a former X10 Esports and Kizuna Esports player, has been officially registered on the Battlefy platform, while juicy’s status remains unclear.

Disguised Toast’s Connection To APAC

Disguised Toast’s connection to the APAC region runs deep, as he spent his formative years in Malaysia before relocating to Canada. This venture into the APAC VALORANT scene marks a significant return to the region that played a crucial role in his upbringing.

Recent Developments

Disguised Toast recently made headlines with the release of their Game Changers roster, featuring Katherine “Katarina” Patrone.

The organization cited discomfort with the current state of the esports scene following a cheating incident in a qualifying tournament as the reason behind the decision.

This move also left Disguised without a male roster since the departure of Joshua “steel” Nissan and his teammates in the middle of last year.


As Disguised Toast gears up to make its mark in the APAC VALORANT scene, the rumored roster promises a potent mix of skill and experience.

With a coaching staff boasting international expertise, the team is set to navigate the challenges of the competitive landscape.

The uncertainties surrounding Tyler “juicy” Aeria’s involvement add an element of intrigue, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the official announcement and the team’s performance in the upcoming Challengers MY/SG Split 1.