Being Content Seems Elusive in Modern Lifestyle

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After becoming an adult and earning, the continuous thrust to earn more and more with each passing day increases. Every day we find something new to buy, a place to visit, or a new dish to eat. It makes ‘Being Content’ elusive.

The culture of consumerism and idealizing billionaires among youth is preventing them from being content with what they have. Another view on it is that it hampers the growth of a person.

Childhood was good. A cycle seems to be enough to travel a world. Getting occasional money from parents, relatives or, on some occasions, was enough to buy favourite toys or chocolates.

“Little but sufficient is better than abundant but alluring.”

– saying (Hadith) of Prophet Muhammed

It seems unquenching thrust is the bane of adulthood. Being content which was natural in childhood, is a virtue in adulthood.

Why is it so hard to ‘Being Content’ in the first place?

The greed for everything clouds our minds and thoughts to appreciate the gifts we have with us. Every day starts with disappointment and ends similarly. Most people’s morning ritual begins with phone notifications and ends with watching reels.

It dries our minds. Continuously watching videos and stressing out about matters beyond our control or comparing people’s lives with ours takes much energy. It tires our minds immensely and sometimes takes a person into depression.

Modern lifestyle also does not allow a person to be content. The 24*7 campaign of corporates makes people desire to buy new products at regular intervals. A perfectly working phone becomes old just because of a new update.

Being content in present times seems elusive but still achievable, like any goal. In my personal experience, humans understand the futility of any things by experiencing them or by observing other people’s life.

Just observe, whenever we buy a product in desperation to have it, or things are not going to work, question yourself what happened after you get it. In my experience, everything I thought would be great never satisfied me or made me happy for a long time once I had them. It is because we get different desires, and it never ends.

Also, many successful people have said that we want people to become successful (whatever their definition of success is) and have things they want early to understand the futility of it.

Content Makes Poor Men Rich. Discontent Makes Rich Men Poor

Benjamin Franklin
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