Atlas Fallen Save Location

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Introducing our guide to Atlas Fallen Save Location – Backup, Install Save Files. As you immerse yourself in the sci-fi RPG by Deck13, safeguarding your progress becomes paramount.

We unravel the hidden directory of these vital save files, equipping you with the skills to seamlessly secure and restore your achievements. Join us to navigate the intricacies, ensuring your Atlas Fallen journey remains uninterrupted.

Atlas Fallen Save Location – Backup, Install Save Files

Atlas Fallen is a sci-fi action RPG game developed by Deck13. If you want to keep your progress in the game, you need to know where the save files are located and how to backup or install them. In this article, we will show you how to do that.

The save files for Atlas Fallen are stored in a hidden folder on your computer. The folder path is:

C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Deck13/Atlas Fallen/Saves

To access this folder, you have three options:

  • Enter the path in the folder address bar of your file explorer.
  • Press “Win + R” on your keyboard, then enter %appdata% in the Run dialog box, go back to the AppData folder and then open: LocalLow -> Deck13 -> Atlas Fallen -> Saves
  • In the system search engine, type %appdata%, go back to the AppData folder and open: LocalLow -> Deck13 -> Atlas Fallen -> Saves

Once you find the save files, you can copy them to another location for backup, or replace them with new ones downloaded from the internet. Make sure you have the same game version as the save files you want to use.

How To Save Your Game in Atlas Fallen?

1. Autosave System

Atlas Fallen boasts a sophisticated autosave system that diligently captures your advancement at regular intervals.

This ingenious system goes the extra mile by generating multiple save files, providing an extra layer of security for your accomplishments.

2. Manual Saving

While the autosave system provides a safety net, embracing manual saving can be the key to unlocking a richer gaming experience.

Manual saves grant you the power to revisit specific locales and moments, unveiling hidden gems you might have overlooked.

Locate Anvils

To embark on your manual saving journey, acquaint yourself with the whereabouts of anvils scattered throughout the captivating universe of Atlas Fallen. These anvils hold the secret to preserving your progress.

Spot Glowing Markers

The path to manual saving begins with the discovery of dormant anvils. Keep your senses keen as you explore the expansive world – keep an eye out for luminous markers on the ground. These radiant indicators herald the presence of dormant anvils, waiting to be awakened.

Raise The Anvil

Upon sighting a glowing marker, approach it with determination. Engage your resolve by pressing and holding the upward direction on your d-pad. At this juncture, your spiritual guide and confidant, Nyaal, will alert you when an anvil is within reach.

Interact with the Anvil

With the anvil roused from its slumber, it’s time to seize the moment. As you interact with the anvil, a tapestry of options unfurls before you, akin to a world of choices ready to be explored.

Save Game Option

Within the tapestry of options, seek out the “Save Game” alternative. It typically graces the lower echelons of the list.

Your gaze and cursor should converge on this pivotal choice, anointing your progress with the touch of preservation.

Choose a Save Slot

“Atlas Fallen” endows you with a multiplicity of manual save game slots. Ascertain your desired slot and seal your progress within its digital embrace.

Whenever you traverse into uncharted territories or pivotal junctures, consider christening a fresh manual save slot – a practice that echoes prudence.

Repeat as Needed

The rhythm of manual saving dances to the beat of repetition. At any crossroads of your odyssey, when the yearning to enshrine your triumph arises, embrace the process anew. By doing so, you weave a constellation of save points, each a testament to your journey.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, navigating the intricate atlas fallen save location is essential for an uninterrupted gaming journey with autosave and manual saving options, you hold the power to preserve achievements and discover hidden facets of the game.

Master the art of saving, and your Atlas Fallen adventure will remain an enduring saga of progress and exploration.

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