Advance Payment OLX scam: Identifying and Avoiding the Threat

We’ve previously discussed OLX scams and the methods scammers utilise to commit fraud on OLX and similar online websites. The Advance Payment OLX scam, on the other hand, has come to our attention and takes a completely different approach.

What Is the Advance Payment OLX scam?

In an Advance payment OLX scam, a fake seller promotes an advertisement. The victim is heavily brainwashed with a totally made-up tale. The victim is told that the product is currently at the airport and needs to clear customs.

Some scammers can demand a down payment in the name of clearances. The victim is told that the product won’t be given to them without an advance payment.

According to a few victims of the Advance payment OLX scam, they had received a call from a scammer posing as the airport custom authority. He had forced and enticed them to send the money. And once the payment was made, no one would pick up the victim’s call.

Identifying Advance Payment OLX Scams

  • Any request for an advance payment to cover processing, duty, shipping, conversion, or other fees is likely to be a ruse to collect an advance fee. Please refrain from engaging in such transactions.
  • If the seller demands a down payment due to an emergency, a medical condition, or an emotional reason, proceed with caution. Simply put, this is a setup for Olx scams.
  • Demands for money that come with a guarantee of fraud/loss recovery are more likely to be advance fee scams.
  • As a buyer, it is your responsibility to be aware of who you are doing business with. independently verify the seller’s name, address, website, and phone number. Try looking up relevant information about the buyer online.

Tips to Report Advance payment OLX scam

To capture the culprits, cyber cells are present in every police station. Victims of the advance payment OLX scam must file a complaint at the nearest police station. The legal authorities can help you resolve the complaints and prevent losses if necessary.

1. Contact the Platform

You should report the advertisement or the seller to the platform if you think you were taken advantage of. Use the app or website to report the advertisement or the seller. 

2. Send A Legal Notice

If you don’t hear back from OLX is to send them a professionally written Legal Notice demanding that they fix the issue or face legal repercussions.


Online classified ads Marketplaces such as OLX and others make it very simple to buy and sell a wide range of goods. These websites are especially beneficial if you want to sell consumer electronics such as smartphones and other items.

All you need to do to pay for food at a roadside restaurant or buy a home appliance online from a buyer thousands of miles away is scan a QR code or enter a phone number. To hide their true identity in the Advance Payment OLX scam, they can go to a variety of lengths.

The scammers pretend to appear genuine in order to dupe unsuspecting victims. They can do it without even letting their victims know what they have lost. Hence we need to be aware of such scams and must report them to the authorities

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