5billionsales Review: 5BillionSales Using a Ponzi Scheme [2022]

Hello and welcome to the 5billionsales Review. Many people are asking about the 5billionsales.com site and some of them have reached us over Quora to solve the mystery behind it.

It is good for people to ask questions and want to know about the site which is hard to understand. So, we make it as simple as possible for our readers to understand 5billionsales thoroughly.

We have been continuously writing about scams for quite a few years. Also, we have read about the different levels of scams that happened all over the world. The basic definition of a scam is simple, i.e., fraud or a dishonest scheme.

But the general definition people understand is that scam is something promised but not delivered. It is a partially true statement.

It is so because many scam companies operate for many years and when their business becomes unstable then only people came to know about the scam. In this sense, it is hard to say whether any company is a scam or not. The same goes for 5billionsales Reviews as well.

Many people want the direct answer to some questions like, Is 5billionsales legit? Is 5billionsales.com a scam? Is 5billionsales Real or fake?

One thing we want to say here is that the people who created this website have put in a good amount of labour. It is because the content present on this website is unique and original. Also, they have used all sorts of technical and trendy words and even testimonials of people.

But what surprised us more is why people on different review sites are claiming 5billionsales to be legit. After checking 5billionsales thoroughly we came to one conclusion that all its 3 schemes are the same.

All schemes want their members to bring more members and or buy their Guaranteed Sales scheme so that they can show their 5billionsales com affiliate how to earn under this scheme. People can claim it to be a network marketing site but 5billionsales.com Reviews are using the Ponzi Scheme, in our opinion.

In network marketing, people sell some product or services but 5billionsales doesn’t have any product or services, all they offer is to bring more people and more people bring more people. It is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme in which old members get paid from the money deposited by a new member.

We want to say that 5billionsales is not going to pay anybody but the Ponzi scheme to work, the company has to pay initially or some of its members.

So, we will not be surprised if some people receive their money. There are many Ponzi Scheme Scams run around the world which sustain for years.

We do not recommend the 5billionsales website. Any website or company that advertises too much ‘free’ and ‘easy’ always ends up a scam later. Their time period can vary.

The world has witnessed many scams and all those scams have one thing in common i.e., they never asked people to get some real knowledge or skill, all they want is for people to use their platform and bring more people to them.

No doubt that 5billionsales Reviews have given different names to the same kind of work. The way the whole website eagerly wants to sell the 3 huge opportunities to people shows that they are hiding something behind all the glitters.

Specification: 5billionsales Review

1. Website name: 5billionsales

2. Email: NA

3. Contact address: Kemp House, 52-160 City Road Central, London, EC1V 2NX United Kingdom (UK).

4. Contact number: NA

5. Products Category: Guaranteed Sales; Sell Your Data; Refer and $ earn

6. Social media links: Not available

What is 5billionsales Review?

5billionsales Sales is the website that is offering 3 opportunities to the whole world under which they can earn in dollars. Basically, it is an online earning and sales platform.

According to the data available on 5billionsales, this website is owned by a holding company that has acquired and operates, cooperates or franchises 25 platforms across the Web.

The name of the holding company is Guaranteed Sales and Data Limited. The address of the company is ‘Kemp House, 52-160 City Road Central, London’.

This company is registered in England and Wales (company number: 13624017) with a registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7GU.

First, being a registered company doesn’t make it legit. The world has witnessed many registered companies to turned into scams. So, it is not proof of being a legit company.

Moreover, the incorporation date of this company is 15/09/2021 according to the addressadda.com website. But the domain age of the 5 Billion Sale website is 2021-05-25.

The question here is, why the holding company incorporated new and in the time period of one year, this holding company has acquired 25 platforms. Nobody knows about those 25 platforms.

Even if the company is big then why there is no data available about it on the internet? These are very subtle red flags that people never check before using any platform which marks a huge difference between a genuine and legit website.

According to the About Us page, this website is already big and getting bigger daily. They have more than 341936717 members. They all are using their browsing extension and viewing a range of smart, stealth-embedded adverts.

They have 2732947 publishers that publish their adverts on 13664735 web pages. Its consumer data ecosystem is the world’s first vertically integrated platform that pays consumers for their browsing data.

How Does5billionsales Works?

Let us first talk about the work offered on 5billionsales. The motto of 5billionsales is “By Helping You Earn We Earn Too” It is a cool punch line. They are offering 3 great opportunities to its members and these are:

  1. Guaranteed Sales
  2. Sell Your Data
  3. Refer and $ earn

In the beginning, a person has to register himself on this platform which is free of cost. Then immediately they get a back office where they can manage their network. It is called a dashboard normally.

The registration program requires just the basic details such as email address, username, sponsor ID etc. One can use the option to join it via Facebook or Google.

After registration, the members will receive the referral Id or referral link that is used to invite others to join 5billionsales and earn commission over it.

The people invited directly are placed on level one. And when he/she invites others, the invited person is placed on level two. This chain continues to level 16 which is the last level.

Sell Your Data Scheme

According to the 5billionsales website itself, over 5 billion people don’t get paid for their browsing data. They will buy it and pay its members. They will pay a $100 commission annually for each person’s browsing data.

Members have to just give people their affiliate links. They pay people up to $4001..50 each year for their browsing data. They can earn through both Refer $ Earn and Sell Data.

Guaranteed Sales– Earn $3020

According to the site, people waste their time, money and energy on adverts and marketing that does not work. So, they want their members to tell marketers, affiliates and website owners about the Guaranteed Sales scheme.

They have to provide their affiliate link to them and they can buy Guaranteed sales and generate an extra $155K in sales or sign-ups in 90 days. When somebody buys adverts the member will earn $20 each which is paid out in 30 days and they can $3000 profit share.

If the members have a business or affiliate link, they can buy Guaranteed Sales too. When their level 1 affiliate buys adverts from 5billionsales one can get paid the $3020 commission (it is all written inside the 5billionsales website).

Refer $ Earn Affiliate Program: 5billionsales Review

It is a simple affiliate program in which a member has to bring more members using their affiliate link and they can earn an unlimited commission for introducing people and businesses to 5billionsales services.

In short, on the 5billionsales website members has to bring new people only. It doesn’t matter which scheme they chose.

How much one can earn My Browsing Data on 5billionsales?

One can get paid $401.50 each year. He/she can earn $1.10 each day you use our browser extension to browse the Web. Also, they can earn an extra $0.50 each day if you validate your data each day.

Red Flags: 5billionsales Review

Ponzi Scheme

5billionsales is using the Ponzi scheme method which is an illegal and non-legit scheme. No company to date has been sustained using this method. No company is going to say that they are using the Ponzi scheme. It is their operations that direct us to understand the work.

All the 3 big opportunities offered on 5 billion sales are saying only one thing, bring more people. They don’t have any service or product to sell.

So, even if somebody brings new people to their site then the new member also has the same work i.e., bring new people to their website. They have given fancy names to their methods but in reality, they don’t have any method.

Not just this 5billionsales have 16 levels of commission tree. It is nothing but a Pyramid Scheme or Multi-level marketing (MLM) method. Companies or websites that use MLM or Pyramid Scheme sell the idea of passive income, work from home and free money.

We all have to become wise here in this world nothing is free. Many people in past have lost big money in these kinds of scams. Just google Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme scam cases, one will find uncountable cases.

Hidden Owner Information

If 5billionsales is working genuinely then why it has not provided its owner or CEO information on the website? Nothing has been said and written about the CEO or any person or team of people who is responsible for the administration of this website.

In the WHOIS records as well this website has hidden its owner information. On the about us page, it is declared that 5billionsales is owned and held by some companies but there are some discrepancies following behind their claims about which we have talked above.

If 5billionsales is really a brilliant idea then don’t we want to thank the benevolent person behind this website who has provided a great opportunity to billions of people around the world?

Easy Work and Task

In reality, no employer is willing to pay good money for tasks that don’t require skill or knowledge. Scammers want to scam as many people as they can. So they never offer some kind of tasks or job that requires some skill or knowledge.

Here we are not demeaning any kind of work. But people get paid for different kinds of work and that depends upon their knowledge and skill.

Believe us these kinds of work offered on 5billionsales are real then we would be the first ones to join them. The reality is different and nobody has earned on such kinds of websites as promised.

There are numerous websites that offer easy tasks reviewed by us, for example, Sd-earn4gfreewcmU3a-earn.buzzEq-task.buzzFr-earn.buzzPleroma.libretuxUs-earnFb-earnDatafreecipSocialsurveyuu4gfreesewSocialsurveywdFc-earn.buzzPay2fast.co.

FAQ: 5billionsales Reviews

Is 5billionsales com Real?

Nothing genuine has been found on 5 billion sales com. It shows that it is not a real website. Every scheme ends up bringing more people to this website. Which is nothing but a mixer of Ponzi and MLM schemes.

Is 5billionsales com a scam?

The definition of a scam is very vivid. But in a way, 5billionsales com will soon turn into a scam. It is because all the red flags or characteristics that a scam site consists of are also present on 5 billion sales com.

Is 5billionsales Legit?

5 billion sales is not a legit website. There are numerous red flags mentioned above. Any too-good-to-be-true deals should be seen as a scam. Many people are looking for 5billionsales just to know how they can earn money on this website.

The reality is that nobody can earn money on this website.

5billionsales Reviews: login

To log in, you must first register and verify your email address.

After verification, you will be sent a welcome email with all your 5billionsales login credentials confirmed.

If you are new here and you have not verified your email address yet, you will not be able to log in to your account. To solve this problem, you must look in your inbox/spam/trash and find it.

If you still cannot find it, wait a few hours and try joining again using GOOGLE to register which avoids verification.

If you have logged in before, but cannot now, you have either forgotten your password or email. Start by seeing if we recognize your email. Use different ones until we do recognize them. Then send a reset link to it.

The Reality: 5billionsales Review

The websites like 5billionsales promise unrealistic and many people work patiently and diligently on this website. Then comes a day when a person crosses the minimum payout limit. It is the limit after which the employer releases the employee’s income.

But 5billionsales is not a real site which pays its members. Therefore, whenever a person crosses the minimum payout limit they discard their account and he/she is not able to login into their account.

So, finding ways to 5billionsales login when your account is discarded is a futile effort. Even if somebody login into 5 billion sales even then they will not receive their money.


5billionsales website is not reliable It is not a genuine place to work on. Also, never share your information with them. This way readers can save themselves and others.

We do not recommend the 5billionsales site due to its various red flags. This site is not a good website to shop, please do not use it. Never share your information with them and keep a good distance from it.

If you think you get scammed, read the article: What to do next when you get scammed? How to Recover Your Money from Scammers?

Always report scams, every country has one organisation dedicated to helping customers. Read the following article to know when, Where and How to Report Online Scams? Also, you must write your experience in the comment so that other people understand the seriousness of the online scam issue.

We hope that 5billionsales Review helped you to understand the true nature of this website. This kind of website targets people on Social Media, Like many other people, people in our social circle are also affected by such scams.

Once the money is deducted it is hard to claim it back. Therefore, becoming aware of online scams is the primary weapon against scams.

Request: It is our humble request to people who have some experience with the 5billionsales reviews, to share their experience in the comment box. It helps others to understand the reality of fake websites.

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