2023 5billionsales Review: Is 5billionsales a Scam Online Earning Site? Or Legitimate?

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Welcome to the 5billionsales.com Review by Wisdom Ganga. This specific website claims to be a United Kingdom based online earning platform. It pays for selling Ads and Data.

These website reviews by wisdomganga.com assist our readers in understanding how fake websites operate. We urge our readers to educate others on the importance of conducting a quick website check before using any.

Is 5billionsales a scam? Or is 5billionsales legit? Let’s find out.

What is 5billionsales?

According to their website, they pay their users for selling ads and data. The users need to pay some amount for registration before they start earning money. This website is only 1 year, 8 months and 4 days old

Specification: 5billionsales Review

1. Site name: 5billionsales.com

2. Email: Not Provided

3. Contact address: Not Provided

4. Contact number: Not Provided

5. Social media links: Not Provided

FAQ: 5billionsales Review

5billionsales Real or Fake?

The content present on the website is copied from other websites. Any real social earning website would never make such an error. There are numerous other mistakes as well and they are discussed below.

Is 5billionsales legit?

There is literally no information provided regarding the owner of this website or any parent firm. The minds behind the website have kept their information hidden in WHOIS records and by using fake pictures.

This is a major red flag. This website might be a scam.

Is 5billionsales Scam?

In Our opinion, this website is a scam. The content present on the website and the theme have been stolen from similar websites.

It has many red flags and we have discussed them below. Give it a thorough look, it can help readers make a wise decision about whether to use this website or not.

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How does 5billionsales Work?

According to the website, they are paying people for simple tasks such as

  1. Sell Data
  2. Sell Ads

Is it Worth trying to Earn money on 5billionsales?

People sell various goods and services, but 5BillionSales doesn’t offer any; all it does is bring in more people.

They then bring in even more people. It is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme in which new members’ deposits are used to pay off older members.

Red Flags: 5billionsales Reviews

1. Duplicate Content: The content present on this website has been copied from other suspicious websites. Also, there are a huge number of other errors. Any legit social earning website will not make such a mistake.

2. Fake Information: There is no information provided at all. The about us page will not open and the website hasn’t provided any satisfactory contact.

3. Easy Task: Most of the easy tasks or easy work websites are a scam and it is the high time to understand this issue. No one ever gets paid such a huge amount for doing almost nothing.


We request our readers not to visit or make any transactions at the 5billionsales website.

It is not a legitimate online earning platform. please do not share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other way.

If you think you have came across a scam, read the article: What to do next when you get scammed?

Always report scams, every country has one organization dedicated to helping customers. Read the following article to know when, Where and How to Report Online Scams? Also, you must write your experience in the comment so that other people understand the seriousness of the online scam issue.

We hope that 5billionsales Reviews helped you to understand the true nature of this website. This kind of website target people on Social Media, Like many other people, people in our social circle are also get affected by such kind of scams.

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