4captcha online Review: Captcha Typing Job Scam

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Hello friends welcome to 4captcha.online Review. Various websites are working online to scam people. It is a fact that we all know but is 4captcha.online scam or not? It is the real question that is important to us.

Whether a website is a scam or not, there are a few fundamentals we check and share with others. But before dwelling on that we want to understand the psychology of victims. Two emotions or human nature are used by any fraudster. These two emotions are greed and fear. So answer this question, Which human emotion is used on 4captcha.online website?

If you are thinking greed then you are right. We used to think that people were not able to understand the difference between a genuine offer or too good to be a true offer. But from our experience, we can say that each one of us knows which deal is good and which is too good, it is just our greed blinds us to look at things objectively and that is where most people fall into the trap of scammer.

Red Flags on 4captcha.online

1. Too Good To Be True Offer

Websites like 4captcha.online offer $5 per correct captcha. For free members, they are offering only 10 captcha per day which means one can make $50 a day. It is a good amount for a side gig. The problem arises in the withdrawal process.

It is written in the FAQ section of 4captcha.online that to withdraw the money one has to become a premium member. It means nobody can earn money on this website without paying first to the company.

Any employer who asks money to give employment is never genuine. It is one of the foremost red points people can check on any online job. If an employer asks for money in any form like buying a premium package in 4captcha.online case then it is not a legit website.

After buying a premium membership, the number of captchas per day increased to 100 captchas per day for premium members. Even this is too good a deal. Just do a simple math, if a member is earning $500 per day then in one month they will earn $1500 in a month which is a very big amount.

Don’t just believe 4captcha.online company as our greed or desire for this website to be true. But 4captcha.online doesn’t have any genuine business to pay its online workers whom they are targeting.

2. Ownership Information

For a company to be legit, transparency is one of the measuring tools. Transparency means is the owner’s information is in the public domain or not. If a company whose owner’s information is not easily available on the internet then it is not a legit company.

The same goes for 4captcha.online. Nobody knows who owns it, who is working on it and who is giving jobs to the whole world. The job offered requires no skill or knowledge, so we should know this benevolent person before who is offering us a good job.

3. Fake Statistics

On 4captcha.online homepage, some statistics have been shown. For example, the number of premium members online is 3299 and trial members are 815. But 4captcha.online is a very new website. The domain registration date is 3rd January 2024 which is 24 days old (at the time of writing the article).

We have been observing this website for the past week and found no change in the statistics. It proves that it is fake stats and if a website or company uses fake stats then it is a fraud company.


4captcha.online is for sure a fake and scam website. Do not use this website and understand the above-mentioned points. It is important to look at things objectively. We all are humans and tend to fall for lucrative deals. The only way to save ourselves from such scams is by asking questions and observing objectively.

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