Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Home On Arrange Side Quest

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In the immersive world of zelda tears of the kingdom (TOTK), The “home on arrange” side quest presents an exciting opportunity to provide Link, The protagonist, With a cozy and personalized house.

Unlike in botw (breath of the wild), Where you were limited to pre-built structures, Totk introduces the new abilities of “Fuse” and “Ultrahand,” enabling you to construct a house of your own.

This grants you the freedom to design the layout of Link’s dwelling on a breathtaking plot that overlooks the picturesque Tarrey Town.

You progress through the game, you’ll have the chance to expand Link’s house, adding various rooms and amenities, such as a kitchen and weapon stand. If the idea of a new abode appeals to you, read on to discover how to successfully complete the engaging ‘Home on Arrange’ quest.

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How To Acquire “Home On Arrange” Quest In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

To embark on the ‘Home on Arrange’ side quest, you need to visit Tarrey Town, located south of Akkala Highlands. However, before you can undertake this quest, it is essential to complete the prerequisite quest known as “Mattinson’s Independence.”

Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements of the previous quest, return to Tarrey Town and make your way to Hudson’s Construction, situated at coordinates (3946, 1595, 0128).

There, you’ll find Rhondson, who will offer you a plot of land in exchange for 1,500 Rupees. If you find yourself short on cash, you can visit the shop adjacent to the entrance and seek out Fyson. By selling any unnecessary items in your inventory, you can obtain the funds required for the land purchase.

The necessary funds in hand, return to Rhondson and select the option “A Dream Home, please!” Following this, she will instruct you to visit the allocated plot and commence the “Home on Arrange” side quest in TOTK.

Building A House For Link: Home On Arrange Quest Guide

Once the quest is underway, make your way to the designated coordinates (4171, 1379, 0207) and seek out Granteson, the knowledgeable guide for constructing your dream home.

To reach this location swiftly, it is advisable to utilize the Rasitakiwak Shrine portal. Granteson will provide you with an overview of the plot and offer two rooms to initiate the building process. Follow these steps to construct the house:

  • Utilize the “Ultrahand” ability to lift the Foyer and place it securely within the roped area.
  • Next, lift the Bedroom and position it adjacent to the foyer, ensuring that the nets of both rooms face each other.
  • Once the bedroom is in place, press the “A” key to automatically attach it to the foyer.
  • Engage in conversation with Granteson and choose the “I’m done building” option.
  • Granteson will carefully inspect the structure, and if no issues are found, he will grant his approval.
  • Patiently wait for Granteson to contact Rhondson, and upon completion of the ensuing dialogue, you will successfully conclude the “Home on Arrange” quest.

We trust that this comprehensive guide will assist you in navigating the intricacies of the “Home on Arrange” side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).