Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Eldin Ostrich Fabric ( Easy Guide)

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Are you captivated by the enchanting Eldin Ostrich Fabric design and eager to acquire it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Among the plethora of interesting, unique, and beautiful patterns, the Eldin Ostrich stands out with its simple yet lavish design.

In TOTK, players can unlock over 50 Paraglider fabrics, including Stalnox, Gleeok, and Monster Control Crew Fabric. However, obtaining these fabrics varies, as some require just a picture, while others demand completion of a series of side quests. Fortunately, acquiring the Eldin Ostrich Fabric follows a simple method.

Where To Find Paraglider Eldin Ostrich Fabric In Zelda TOTK

To purchase the Eldin Ostrich Fabric for 20 Rupees, head to Sayge in the Hateno Village. However, before you can obtain the material, there are specific tasks you must complete.

First and foremost, unlock the camera, and then fulfill the “Photograph a Chuchu” side quest, which is also given by Sayge. You can find Sayge at the coordinates (3404, -2152, 0134). Upon completing the quest, the picture fabric system will be unlocked.

This system allows you to take a picture of a creature and present it as a reference to Sayge, who will then craft a new fabric based on the photograph. The process for obtaining the Eldin Ostrich Fabric is no exception.

How To Discover Eldin Ostrich

The Eldin Ostrich can be found in the Death Mountain Eldin Region of the game. These flightless birds are remarkably fast runners, making it essential to approach them stealthily and take pictures without drawing their attention.

One of the prime locations to spot them is around Sitsum Shrine (2369, 2596, 0804), near the Volcano. Once you have successfully captured their image, head back to Hateno Village to meet Sayge.

Select the options “Rework the paraglider” and then “I have a new reference” to show Sayge the picture of the Eldin Ostrich. With this, he will proceed to create the fabric, allowing you to select and purchase it with a simple “OK!”.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all that is required to obtain the coveted Eldin Ostrich Fabric in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. TOTK offers an array of unique and stylish paraglider fabric designs, each waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Embark on this exciting quest to enhance your paragliding experience with the exquisite Eldin Ostrich Fabric!