Zelda TOTK: A Wife Wafted Away Quest Guide

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In zelda tears of the kingdom, The a wife wafted away quest involves helping fronk find his missing wife, Mei. She has gone fishing, and your task is to locate her and bring her back to fronk. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete this quest:

Zelda TOTK: A Wife Wafted Away Quest Guide

  • Meet Fronk in Zora’s Domain: To start the quest, head to Zora’s Domain and locate Fronk. You can find him at coordinates 3289, 0440, 0139. The easiest way to reach Zora’s Domain is by crossing the Great Zora Bridge.
  • Unlock the Quest: Before you can take on the “A Wife Wafted Away” quest, you must first complete the Sidon of the Zora main story quests.
  • Find Mei on Wellspring Island: Once you’ve met Fronk, he will express his concern about Mei’s whereabouts. She’s fishing on the east side of Wellspring Island. To get there, ascend through the waterfall at the Water Temple or teleport to the Igoshon Shrine.
  • Glide to the East Floating Platform: Upon arriving at Wellspring Island, you’ll find a floating platform on the east side. Glide your way over there from your current location.
  • Locate Mei: Once you’ve reached the east floating platform, you’ll find Mei fishing between two pillars near a small pond. Her exact coordinates are 3667, 0566, 1251.
  • Inform Mei about Fronk’s Concern: Interact with Mei and inform her about Fronk’s worries. Convey that he is looking for her.
  • Return to Fronk: After talking to Mei, she will agree to head back to Fronk. Make your way back to Zora’s Domain and meet both Fronk and Mei at the Great Zora Bridge.
  • Speak with Fronk and Mei: Upon reuniting Fronk and Mei at the Great Zora Bridge, speak with them to conclude the quest.
  • Claim Your Reward: As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive a Hearty Bass meal.

Final Thoughts

Completing the “A Wife Wafted Away” quest in Tears of the Kingdom involves finding Mei on the east side of Wellspring Island, informing her about Fronk’s concerns, and reuniting the couple at the Great Zora Bridge in Zora’s Domain.

Following this guide will help you complete the quest and earn your well-deserved reward. Good luck on your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.